Primary results in

Published 8:53 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Democrats Ralph Northam and Mark Herring won primary elections Tuesday for a spot on the statewide ticket under gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Northam is the nominee for lieutenant governor, and Herring will run for attorney general.

Northam won Suffolk votes handily over challenger Aneesh Chopra.

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But Herring’s opponent, Justin Fairfax, had a big showing in Suffolk, winning more than 66 percent of the vote despite losing the state overall.

Lieutenant governor


Ralph S. Northam — 77,356 votes, 54.23%

Aneesh Chopra — 65,280 votes, 45.77%


Ralph S. Northam — 890 votes, 52.48%

Aneesh Chopra — 806 votes, 47.52%

Attorney general


Mark R. Herring — 71,833 votes, 51.57%

Justin E. Fairfax — 67,454 votes, 48.43%


Mark R. Herring — 548 votes, 33.58%

Justin E. Fairfax — 1,084 votes, 66.42%