Book explains power of words

Published 10:10 pm Monday, September 9, 2013

A Suffolk pastor has published a book that releases next month, and he hopes to get the book into the hands of local inmates to help them change their lives.

“It’s been a passion for a long time,” said Anthony VanDyke, pastor of New Community Christian Center. “Everything is so negative. My role is to send positivity to people.”

Anthony VanDyke shows off his new book, “The Power of Words.”

Anthony VanDyke shows off his new book, “The Power of Words.”

“The Power of Words” offers 31 short devotionals on the hidden messages VanDyke finds in positive words.

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“Peace,” for example, translates in VanDyke’s book to “Patiently Embracing and Acknowledging Christ in Every situation.”

“There’s something positive in every word,” said VanDyke, who wrote the book in about 45 days. “No matter what walk of life, we all need something positive. Every situation can be positive if we look for the right answers.”

VanDyke said the book is designed for people who don’t read often.

“It’s designed for people who typically don’t read, because I’m not a reader,” he said.

He got the idea to distribute the book to local jails from a formerly incarcerated acquaintance who said his life would have been different if he had had the book while serving his sentence.

VanDyke is contacting local jails to see if he can distribute the book or at least put it in their libraries, he said.

“This book will allow me to help people that may not have had the opportunities I had,” he said. “This book is just a platform. The Scripture says death and life are in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21, paraphrased)

The official release date of the book is Oct. 1, but it already is on the shelves at the Christian Bookstore in Suffolk. It also is available online.

VanDyke also is working on his second book, “The Power of Thoughts.”

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