Quit smoking, and eat your veggies

Published 7:57 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

Outside North Suffolk Food Lion Monday, David Hoffman said his New Year resolution is to give up smoking.

Outside North Suffolk Food Lion Monday, David Hoffman said his New Year resolution is to give up smoking.

Shoppers resolved for better health, better jobs

Whether they’ll be kept all year or less than a week is a matter that will soon work itself out, but on the penultimate day of 2013, folks out and about in North Suffolk were happy to share their New Year’s resolutions.

“Quit smoking” is 52-year-old David Hoffman’s goal for the New Year. Speaking outside the Bridge Road Food Lion, Hoffman admitted it wouldn’t be the first time he’s tried — “I’ve tried a couple of times before, yes sir!” — but he hopes it will be his last.

“I’ve bought my last pack, and it’s going to do me until Jan. 1st,” he said, adding he plans to consult his doctor about medications or patches if the going gets too tough.


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Besides laying off cigarettes, Hoffman said, he’s also looking at “procuring a different position” at work.

Also speaking outside the Food Lion, an upbeat Sheila Woods, 50-something, was preparing to take 2014 head-on. Somewhat cryptically, she nominated “life improvement” as her resolution.

“We all know our weaknesses, our strengths, and the areas we need improvements in,” Woods explained. “I want to improve my lifestyle … whether that be habits (or) personality. You start with the obvious. You need to lose weight, drop the sugar.”

Carol Mitchell, 55, said she wanted to find a new job, with the slow economy having hit the construction business she works for, owned by her husband.

“We were looking at closing the doors and finding new work,” she said.

At Harbour View East shopping center, Isabelle Simmons, 18, in town from San Jose to visit her sister, was talking about turning over a new leaf — probably a lettuce leaf.

“I guess just eat healthier,” she said of her resolution, not sounding overly convincing, however. She listed cutting down on fast food and eating more home-cooked meals as her plan of attack.

“More vegetables, fruits, that’s pretty much it,” she added.

Simmons said she had recently joined a gym back in California, and was looking forward to not dropping out after a couple of visits, like so many others do. She also said she plans to walk daily and take the stairs more often.

Melissa Strickland, evidently wise beyond her 35 years, said she wasn’t bothering with New Year resolutions, and had this piece of advice for those who are: “If you have goals, you should be able to reach them and not have to wait for (the) New Year.”

She has never made New Year resolutions, she said, and it she hasn’t been sorry yet.