An example to follow

Published 8:39 pm Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finishing high school and going on to college are scary propositions for any student, but Micah Thomas had a few more obstacles than most.

He lost his mother at the age of 10 and, by the time his senior year of high school rolled around, he was helping to take care of his ill father. His father died less than a year after his graduation from King’s Fork High School in 2012.

During the end of his father’s illness, he was taking courses with Paul D. Camp Community College, mostly online so that he would be able to take care of his father.


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At the same time, Thomas was also juggling managing the household and legal issues that come with a serious illness in the family.

After his father died, he had to make funeral arrangements and prepare for out-of-town relatives, and all this time he didn’t have a driver’s license because his father had only been able to take him out for a few lessons.

But Thomas persevered remarkably and connected with the Students Transitioning through Education Programs Successfully program, which helped connect him to resources, including Student Support Services and the Career Development Center.

Now, he has an internship with RFK Solutions, has worked in the computer lab as a work-study student, is taking a full load of classes, is a math tutor and is the vice president of the literary club.

“There have been times when I forgot to eat,” he said. “But I felt like if I slowed down, I might stop.”

Thomas is an excellent role model for young people who are struggling through any type of adversity. At times it must have seemed like he would never be able to finish his studies, but now he is preparing to graduate from Paul D. Camp Community College this summer with an associate degree and three certificates. He plans to transfer to Old Dominion University this fall to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science and also hopes to attend graduate school.

We congratulate Thomas for his success and hope he will pay forward the inspiration he received from others. His is an example for others to follow.