Pull up those saggy pants

Published 8:38 pm Wednesday, June 10, 2015

To the editor:

I am a senior citizen, and I have seen many styles or fads come and go.

The current fad of young boys and adult males having their pants hanging low and exposing their underwear is to me the most disgusting and longest lived of those fads. They are wearing their pants lower and lower as the fad continues, showing more and more of their undergarments.


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If this fad continues to progress in this manner, only God knows what they will be exposing next.

This is mostly an African-American problem, and I feel we as African-Americans should work to solve it. This can be done by having our ministers constantly address the problem from their pulpits and notify their church affiliates to address the problem, too.

Those of us who belong to fraternities, sororities, lodges, social clubs and the like could have those organizations address the problem, too, and have their affiliates do the same.

A grassroots effort could start here in Suffolk. We as citizens could spread the word and be more diligent and serious about it. We can notify our friends and ask them to do the same.

The habit of wearing saggy pants in this manner started in prison, where inmates were not issued belts, and their pants would not stay up, because they did not fit properly. This style was then picked up by some rap artists and was taken to the streets.

I believe this fad represents indecent exposure and speaks of the character of the person wearing the clothes. To quote a minister I heard talk about this style: “A person wearing their pants in this manner thinks they are being cool, when actually, they are being foolish.”

I know there are others who feel the same as I do about this fad, and I hope they will take the effort, as I am doing, to help eliminate it. I make this request especially of those who have family members who are creating this problem.

Albert Jones Jr.