Loose pit bulls a problem

Published 12:23 am Saturday, October 10, 2015

To the editor:

Hello, I am writing about my concern for the amount of loose dogs I see running around. Most of the ones that I see are pit bulls.

I have three young children, and there have been numerous times when we have been outside and had to be cautious, because we saw a loose pit bull. I have even known people who have been bitten or chased by loose pit bulls.

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I live in a neighborhood where many people get pit bulls that they do not properly care for. It seems like getting a pit bull is a fad to them — but they are not being responsible owners.

I know that not all owners of pit bulls are irresponsible. In fact, I have known people who really do care for their dogs and have friendly pit bulls that would not attack anyone.

Some states have banned pit bulls, although I believe that would be unfair to responsible owners of pit bulls. Still, maybe there should be stronger consequences for those who are irresponsible.

Laura Oliver