Land Transfers for October 23-29

Published 3:58 pm Saturday, October 31, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Oct. 23-29


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Aldonyia Laruth Brooks to David M. Williams; 5016 Hunt Club Chase; $235,000

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Reginald F. Buggs; 3003 Galiceno Court; $307,020

Curtis T. Reaves to Ria R. Ramlogan; 1018 Snead Drive; $193,500

James H. Durden to Lee Madden; 809 Brook Ave.; $185,950

MACTEP Investments LLC to Chester E. Tucker; 245 Burnetts Way; $127,000

TerryPeterson Investment Thirty LLC to Texas Roadhouse Holdings LLC; University Boulevard; $784,000

John H. Horton to Rachel E. Tyler LC; 6607 Holland Road; $800

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to William P. Royster; 124 Jaclyn Drive; $388,000

Christopher S. Medford to Michael A. Taylor; 6318 Orchard Cove Court; $316,900

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Peter J. Chapin; 226 Mineral Spring Road; $84,600

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Justin R. Smith; 108 Sharpe Drive; $330,405

Professional Investments Inc. to Tiffani Dengel; 5680 Hawk Lane; $113,700

Lowell H. Kallen to Brian C. Klein; 258 Jonathans Way; $245,900

Wirth Holdings LLC to Jerry D. Ogle; 2123 Turtle Pond Court; $359,650

Dana J. Roberts to Issac P. Lopez; 1012 Silver Charm Circle; $233,000

Frank M. Rawls to Robert Samuel Houston; 708 E. Riverview Drive; $292,000

Today Homes Inc. to Donald S. Vick; 2003 Smalleys Dam Circle; $285,900

A.J. Potter Investments LLC to Lincoln R. Carrero; 256 Jonathans Way; $185,000

Ruby G. Morings to Frederick L. Morings; 332 Cedar St.; $73,000

Jan M. Jones to Michelle E. Brown; 3737 Arbor Road; $229,900

Brian Crouch to Megan A. Reed; 3509 Kelso Court; $278,000

Richard P. Stark to Michael H. Jones; 4756 Cherokee Drive; $406,400

428 Beamons Mill Trail Land Trust to Christopher M. Richmond; 428 Beamons Mill Trail; $192,700

Thelma Folk to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 3266 Jackson Road; $4,241.95

James Folk to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; no description given; $4,501.59

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 2003 Anthony Place; $85,400

Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Douglas P. Miles; 678 Bennett’s Meadow Lane; $299,715

Elliott R. Horton to Brandon Simpson; 224 Great Fork Road; $53,700

Juan Anderson to Joseph Caron Jones; 2100 Brians Lane; $242,000

John Leo to Shawn E. Chaffin; 7002 Porthole Place; $285,000

Fannie Mae to Joshua B. Alderman; 305 Edward Ave.; $170,000

Mills H. March to Clarence V. Russell; 7566 Quaker Drive; $195,000

Streamco Property Resolutions to KB Real Estate Development LLC; 164 Tynes St.; $12,500

Nancy W. Williams to the Aubrey F. Morgan Living Trust; 3995 Arcanum Lane; $65,640

Enoch C. Copeland to Wesley L. Cashwell; 0 Southwestern Blvd.; $35,000

Economic Development Authority to Meridian Obici LLC; 1900 N. Main St.; $1,034,000