Land transfers for March 11-24

Published 5:31 pm Saturday, March 26, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

 March 11-24

Sharlene S. Weeks to Amanda A. Recker; 106 Willow St.; $197,000


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Michael Joseph Pavelko to William T.H. Hopkins; 805 Wavey Court E.; $155,501

Fannie Mae to James H. Durden Jr.; 320 Fuller St.; $18,000

Fannie Mae to Vanessa Archer; 1210 Dutch Road; $280,000

Jack A. Bain Jr. to Gary J. Hickman; 5421 Miles Ave.; $279,883

P.B. Realty Solutions LLC to Pamela J. Dudgeon; 1010 Truman Road; $112,900

Bryan K. Nancy to James Riddick; 1412 Falcon St.; $209,900

Amy Lorrell Elliott to Adele R. Debruhl; 860 Normany Drive; $269,900

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jason E. Braye; 152 Wexford Drive East; $91,000

Justin R. Linker to Derrell S. Hudgins; 6600 James Point Court; $290,000

Gail G. Allen to Anneli Barrios; 7921 Harvest Drive; $283,000

Lynn Meeks to Roger W. Fawcett; fourth lot, street 1, Doughtie land; $18,400

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to SNB Homes LLC; 2034 Regency Drive; $248,600

Fannie Mae to Glenn Rosso; 1528 Manning Road; $53,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 1029 Delaware Ave.; $196,322.31

W. Michael Day to Jordan Wayne Webb; 1241 Peachtree Drive; $201,400

Terri L. Buonfigli to Boyd D. Gaines; 5409 Sports Club Run; $339,900

SNB Homes to Jason M. Downey; 305 Ash Wood Drive; $245,000

Michael J. Bishop to Michael J. Bishop; 163 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $10

Walter A. Schultz to Blair Bros. Inc.; 8.509 acres plat of Richard Bennett Trust; $365,000

SL Property Holdings II LLC to MPJ Enterprises LLC; 207 Grace St.; $101,600

Christopher G. Weatherford to Tina L. Kelley; 307 Linden Ave.; $165,000

Larry L. Parsons to Neil T. Burnette; 8048 Clubhouse Drive; $289,000

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 6374 Scottsfield Drive; $147,900

Residential Mortgage Loan Trust to William T. Nelson Jr.; 2530 Whaleyville Blvd.; $198,400

Sandra L. Darden to Ryan Pierce; 1119 Drive Pointe Court; $320,000

Joshua II LLC to Michael C. Garrison; 5972 Indian Trail; $39,999

Joey Corporation to Carlesi Construction Inc.; 1325 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $70,000

Hillpoint Virginia LLC to Hillpoint Estates North LLC; 107 Bowman Drive; $432,000

Willie Golden Sr. to Glasser and Glasser PLC, trustee; 213 Charlotte Ave.; $6,634.55

Jeremiah F. Bushmaker to Maxwell Meaway; 6440 Olde Bullocks Circle; $274,900

Bryan Wayne Ballard to Sushil Kasab; 2087 Piedmont Road; $304,000

Steven P. Kemerling to Nathaniel E. Konikoff; 4766 Cherokee Drive; $290,000

Patricia Ewing to Sharita Mullen; 904 Brook Ave.; $118,000

Darin J. Hall to James W. Whiting; 5018 Kings Grant Circle Unit 252; $255,000

Northern Star Credit Union to Melvin L. Chamblee; 253 Locust St.; $168,000

Ramandeep Singh to Matthew H. Burgess; 6015 Spinnaker Cove Court; $550,500

Rodney Alexander Etheridge to Elizabeth Ann Crocker; 110 River Point Drive; $125,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Elaine D. Whorton Franklin; 6073 Newington Place; $227,400

Debra Bennion to Andrew D. Lapp; 417 Waterwheel Crescent; $179,900

Trong Dao to Maude Moore; 100 Sweetbriar Lane; $340,000

Clarence Fulgham Jr. to Robert J. Crawley Jr.; .63 acres; $21,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Morris E. Williams Jr.; 148 E. Wexford Drive; $121,100

Bianca J. Rodriguez to Fifth Third Mortgage Company; 195 Squire Reach; $183,045.84

Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 195 Squire Reach; $183,045.84

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kathryn J. Seymour; 1029 Delaware Ave.; $214,500

Ketan Shah to Teirra L. Jackson; 5103 Cog Hill Court; $409,200

Milton Whigham to Quincy Le Booth Sr.; 1405 Mill Dam Court; $313,500

Arnel D. Ledesma to William Robertson; 3809 Burbage Landing Circle; $255,400

David L. Hopewell III to Donald Adams; 414 Forest Hill Crescent; $283,900

Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Hussam Hallak; 501 Causey Ave.; $36,874

H. Alexander Johnson to White Family Company LLC; Deer Path Road; $248,100

H. Alexander Johnson to White Holland Road LLC; 2201 Holland Road; $737,600

Roderick C. Craig to Charles L. Harrell Jr.; 3440 Bob White Lane; $292,900

Parker Crossing LLC to Titiana Penigar; 2631 River Watch Drive; $335,900

William B. Wheeler to Trevor J. Martin; 538 Lake Kilby Road; $245,000

Rosa M. Javier to Nikolaos Kritikos; 3303 Trotman Wharf Drive; $365,000

Angela Sanders to Donald Newton; 901 Battery Ave.; $160,800

Reejo Mathew to James Yeung; 1497 Elderberry Road; $283,900

Fannie Mae to BAW Properties; 1216 Lake Kennedy Drive; $29,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Big Mix LLC; 103 Linden Ave.; $139,400

15TWENTY LLC to Clarence Tillman; 4247 Capps Creek Drive; $417,000

Star Creek LLC to Sadler Building Corporation; 4502 Shannon Lane; $85,000

James Haynie, trustee, to Marlon J. Caruth; 115 Brewer Ave.; $250,400

Timothy Reiswig to Charles K. Williams Jr.; 4041 Hargrove Landing; $261,000

Robert E. Donald to Raymond Duval; 2261 Skeetertown Road; $100,500