Hoping to hear from former students

Published 10:02 pm Thursday, June 9, 2016

To the editor:

Recently, one of your reporters wrote the nicest article about a student I taught in 1961-1962, my first year of teaching. Her name is Juel Barnes Carr, and she is now recovering from cancer.

With her faith in God, Juel has the most courage. She is such a kind, patient person. Before she got sick, she was caring for a young man who is like a baby, because he was allergic to a shot he got as a baby.


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I am very proud of her, as well as some of the other students I’ve been able to keep up with.

This photo of me was taken in 1961. I would love for some of my former students to get in touch with me. I stopped teaching there to raise my three children and then taught in North Carolina after my youngest child went to college.

My first class included the late Jerry Rawls, Dennis Ellis, Hillary Howell, Joey Pierce, Louise Bangley, Bruce Thompson, Elizabeth Jester, Carolyn Nixon, Leslie Anderton, Steve Barnes, David Barnes, Faye Blevins Beale, Libby Bond, Johnny Salmon, Tommy Richards, Kathy Leggett, Yvonne Daughtry, Jerry Hawkins, Lois Smith, Dorothy Carpenter, Betty Salmon, Joan Wroton, Brenda Ferrell, Marie King, Bonnie Power and George Edward Evans.

I also taught Juel’s sister, Anna, Sharon DeJarnette and Billy Branche later.

Evidently class pictures were not taken the other years I taught, so I don’t remember the names of the other students. It’s been a long time!

If any of my former students would like to contact me, they can write me at 22 Bosley Road, Sunbury, N.C. 27979 or call 252-465-8925.

I would love to hear from any of my students.

Novella Spivey

Sunbury, N.C.