McEachin, Wade win

Published 10:11 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2016

About 1,000 Suffolk voters in visited the polls on Tuesday to choose party candidates for the 4th Congressional District.

On the Democratic side, Dr. Ella P. Ward, a Chesapeake City Council member, walloped opponent Donald McEachin in Suffolk with 83 percent of the vote. However, she lost to McEachin in the district-wide race, with the percentages split 75-25.

For Republicans, Michael L. Wade won in Suffolk and in the district at large over opponent Jackee K. Gonzalez.


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McEachin and Wade now will run for the empty 4th District seat in November’s general election.

The seat is empty after Republican Rep. J. Randy Forbes decided to run in the 2nd District following a redrawing of the lines that made the 4th District heavily Democratic. That strategy, however, didn’t work out; he lost his primary election Tuesday to opponent Scott Taylor.

Democrats in one Suffolk precinct, Burbage Grant, which is in the First District for the state Senate, were also able to choose their candidate to replace the deceased Sen. John Miller. Shelly Simonds won the precinct, but opponent Monty Mason won the election.