Bless someone the way I have been blessed

Published 8:12 pm Saturday, July 23, 2016

To the editor:

Just 10 short months ago, last September, I was incredibly honored to be named Suffolk’s First Citizen, which absolutely continues to still overwhelm me as I look around and see so many Suffolkians who I believe are much more worthy.

It is my understanding from the “rules” of the Rotary Club process with the First Citizen scenario, the nominated recipient must accept the nomination before it becomes official, and I can say with absolute sincerity that I hesitated to accept it. I simply did not feel worthy of such an honor.


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But of course, I did accept, and I can say it has been one of the pinnacles of my life experience, as I have been overwhelmed by the publicity associated with all that goes with this honor. Just one of the many blessings for me has been reconnecting with friends from years past, who heard about it and contacted me.

This honor has been a blessing for which I shall forever be grateful to the Suffolk and North Suffolk Rotary Clubs.

Now, as my current First Citizen status will end on Sept. 29, when the 2016-2017 winner’s celebration banquet occurs, I want to encourage and exhort the citizens of Suffolk to think of those who fit the criteria of a potential Suffolk First Citizen.

That criteria as listed on the website, is simple: “An outstanding individual who best exemplifies the spirit of citizenship and who has shown significant leadership through his/her time, talents and efforts in order to make Suffolk a better place to live.”

It’s as clear as that. Perhaps it will be someone who works behind the scenes to help my beloved city be a better place to live, or maybe it’s someone who is in the spotlight accomplishing the same goal.

The deadline for nominations is midnight, this Friday. Nomination forms may be easily obtained from the Rotary website at They can be submitted online or addressed to Suffolk Rotary Club, c/o First Citizen, PO Box 1972, Suffolk VA 23439-1972 and dropped in the mail.

If you can’t get it on the website, speak with any Suffolk or North Suffolk Rotary member, or feel free to email me at, or call me at 539-7451, x12, and I’ll be happy to see you get an application. It’s easy!

Please folks, if you think you know of a worthy candidate, submit a nomination on his or her behalf. If you don’t, it could be that nobody does. And your nomination could be as big a blessing for that person as mine has been to me.

Billy Chorey