Expanded space needed

Published 8:14 pm Saturday, March 4, 2017

Suffolk’s population is growing in number. And Suffolk’s population is also growing older, living longer and staying active longer, like that of America in general.

With this reality comes the need for more and more robust health care options that are convenient. In addition to the more general health care most of us tend to think of — general practitioners, dentists, emergency care and the like — various types of therapy are needed.

Sentara has been providing physical, occupational and speech therapy for many years. However, the therapy spaces were spread between different buildings, and some of the spaces were cramped.


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Fifteen years ago, Sentara began providing physical therapy services in the Suffolk Family YMCA. But the space was only 2,000 square feet, and Sentara quickly outgrew it, said Rich Kosiorek, the outpatient physical therapy center manager.

Recently, however, Sentara and the YMCA expanded their partnership.

Sentara now has a 6,500-square-foot space dedicated to Sentara therapy programs. Occupational and speech therapy now are in the same space instead of across the street at Obici Hospital, allowing more room for ongoing work on that campus. There is more space for all of the needs of patients. There is plenty of natural light, allowing patients to reap the emotional benefits of sunlight while they do their therapy. There is a separate entrance and designated parking, allowing patients to get in and out quickly.

Staff and patients both raved about the new space last week, and with good reason. Sentara and the YMCA should be commended for seeing the benefits in this successful partnership, aiming to expand it and then doing it so well.

This expanded facility will serve Suffolk’s active population well for years to come.