Hide. Seek. Repeat.

Published 10:25 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Parents and teachers arranged a fun activity for the children at St. Andrew Preschool on Bridge Road Wednesday.

Preschool children from 2 to 4 years old enjoyed the annual Easter egg hunt. Each class took turns searching the school playground for more than a hundred festive eggs hidden by parents and teachers.

The preschool holds parties and events for holidays throughout the year, but the kids especially enjoy the April egg hunt.


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“I think they’re more excited about this than any other holiday,” St. Andrew teacher Piper Riddick said.

The plastic eggs were prepared by the mothers of the children, who filled them with stickers, bubbles, allergy friendly foods and, of course, candy. Some of the candy was more difficult to fit into the eggs, but the mothers were determined.

“We make candy work,” St. Andrew mother Martha Goodwin said. “We’re not going to waste candy.”

They hid the brightly colored and sparkling eggs on the playset and in mailboxes, the sandbox, trees and play cars throughout the playground. But even the best efforts at hiding the eggs were no match for kids in search of candy. The children managed to find them in less than 10 minutes every time, running out the door as fast as they could to engage in the search.

“They had a great time,” St. Andrew mother Stacey Griffin said. “There were tons of eggs, and they did a great job finding them, which is impressive, because we hid them really well.”

One child was very excited by the prizes inside the eggs.

“In one of my Easter eggs, I found Pokémon stickers,” 4-year-old Charlie Taylor said.

Goodwin’s 3-year-old son Matthew said he needed to get his basket filled with more eggs for more candy.

“I got a gold one and sparkles,” he said.

Everyone enjoyed the sunny weather. Assistant teacher Andrea Rotan said the schedule for the week changed based on inclement weather predicted for Thursday, but the Wednesday weather worked well.

“It couldn’t be better,” she said. “It’s a nice spring day.”

Sparkle Toes, the school’s 1-year-old rabbit, watched the festivities from his playground cage. Rotan said the children had voted on the rabbit’s name, despite the rabbit being a male.

“We had kids recommend some names, then the whole school voted and we ended up with Sparkle Toes,” she said.