Published 9:56 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2017

By Bill Rogers

You worked so hard.

The car was clean –

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It really did have a sheen.


But that was yesterday.

Have you looked today?

You won’t holler “Hooray.”


It’s hard to breathe –

You rasp and wheeze.

Inside you seethe.


You exercise not, but:

Your eyes they run;

Your nose does too.






Close the window.

Turn on the air.

Mail that check to friendly Vepco.


The bees do love it.

You say to shove it –

You’ll never love it.


Ah spring…

When young hearts they turn

To thoughts of a car wash.


The windshield’s yellow.

The whole car’s yellow.

Why ain’t you mellow?


It’s plain to see –

This sure sign of spring

Just ain’t your thing.


It’s in the air.

It’s in your hair.

It’s E-ver-y-where!


Now! Right now!!


Wash that car again!!!!