Brewer is the clear choice

Published 10:08 pm Friday, October 27, 2017

To the editor:

Since our local representatives are the most important ones to our daily lives, it is critical that the citizens of the 64th House District support candidate Emily Brewer for the House of Delegates.

Mrs. Brewer is knowledgeable about everything important to the citizens of the 64th District and the commonwealth of Virginia and is willing to work hard for all Virginians, not just the ones who support her.


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She also believes in being accessible, a rare quality these days.

I am impressed that she is straightforward and honest in answering questions. During a recent community forum, while her opponent was very evasive in answering some important questions, Mrs. Brewer answered every question thoroughly and without hesitation.

With her, you will know where she stands. With her opponent, it was obvious you will never know for sure what her position is.

Emily Brewer refuses to promise the unobtainable to get votes, unlike her opponent.

Having looked at these two candidates, I have never seen a clearer choice.

On one hand, you have Emily Brewer, who is knowledgeable about the issues affecting the citizens of the commonwealth and is willing to fight for those citizens 100 percent.

She will not make promises that cannot be kept in order to get votes. She will stand for Christian values, she will protect Virginia history from destruction, and she will stand up for the Second Amendment.

On the other hand, you have a left-wing liberal progressive who is not clear enough on her positions for anyone to know her true beliefs.

There is no doubt that the only clear choice is Emily Brewer.

Volpe Boykin