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Firm hires two new attorneys

The Randall Page law firm has added two new attorneys in recent months.

Aaron Pomeranz is based at the North Main Street location in Suffolk, while John Ferriss is based in the Courtland office.

Pomeranz, 47, was a police officer in Norfolk for 25 years before retiring on July 1, the same day he started working at Randall Page.

He spent the last four years attending law school at Regent University when he wasn’t on duty. He focused on criminal, civil and family law.

Pomeranz believes his background as a police officer will serve him well in his new career.

“It will help me a lot on the criminal side,” Pomeranz said. He said being a police officer will help him understand what occurred in a case and perhaps identify potential problems with what occurred that will help his client.

Being an officer also taught him empathy, something that will serve him well in all areas of law, he said.

He and his wife, Sara, have five children ages 8 to 16: Andrew, Alec, Allison, Conner and Jordan.

Ferriss, 32, decided to go to law school after the family tradition of medical school didn’t work out for him.

He attended the College of William and Mary and graduated in 2005. He moved to Fairfax and worked for the commissioner of accounts before coming to Suffolk.

He specializes in trusts and estates but is also feeling out other types of law.

“I’m starting to get a feel for civil litigation,” he said. “I’m also starting to make my way into real estate.”

He and his wife, Nomei, have two daughters, Aurelia and Mary-Janine. They are ages 4 years and 15 months.

Both new attorneys said they appreciate the environment that will allow them to learn a wide variety of law and be mentored by the firm’s partners, Jack Randall and Andrew Page.

They also like that Randall Page has locations throughout the area, which allows access to law services for clients who may have otherwise struggled to find it.

“Western Tidewater is very underserved,” Ferriss said.