Allen commits to UMES

Published 8:05 pm Friday, December 15, 2017

Bulldog Christopher Allen has chosen to play college baseball at the University of Maryland—Eastern Shore.

Allen, an outfielder and second baseman for the Bulldogs, has committed to play college baseball at UMES, an NCAA Division-I program. It has been a long road for Allen to come to his decision; however, he is happy to continue playing at the next level. Allen has competed in numerous showcases and had interest from other schools, but UMES offered him a roster spot right away.

Allen had a list of schools that he narrowed down to see what was going to be the best fit for him. UMES was included in his list. He had already done his research about the programs and studies they had to offer. His family played a huge role not only in helping him decide his future but also in putting him in position to even have that opportunity.

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“I’d like to thank my family for all the prayers, money, support and time,” Allen said. “They have invested a lot in me to get where I am today. I especially want to thank my mom, who is not only raising me but five others currently, for the sacrifices she has made and for speaking things into existence.”

Now, Allen is looking forward to finishing his high school career strong in the spring. He wants to gather momentum this season so he can carry that over to the college level. Though his college decision is made, Allen still has goals he wants to accomplish for this season. He wants to become a first-team all-district player, and academically, he wants to finish on the honor roll. He’d like to improve his batting by hitting with more power and striving to create more extra-base hits. Defensively, he wants to improve his technique and lessen errors.

In college, Allen has plans to major in criminal justice. The Hawks went 12-40 last season, and there is a new coach taking over the program. He let Allen know that he wanted players who are not only talented but also rich in character.

“The UMES coaches recognized my physical ability but also made it a point to speak about my character as a person,” Allen said. “That helped me feel comfortable in knowing I would not only play baseball at the next level, but I would continue to develop and refine my character as well.”

Allen trains himself to become bigger, stronger and faster and to learn how to tackle new challenges. He gets up at 5 a.m. to train and is currently running indoor track to prepare for his senior season and beyond.