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Question: What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Elizabeth Feagans, 39, Suffolk

“Elf.” It’s my favorite movie, with all of the singing. I can’t sing that movie, but I love everything about the movie. I love the snowball fight, where they’re throwing them 90 miles an hour at each other.

Shelby Smith, 7, Suffolk

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” the one with real people. I like when the Grinch goes to a party and eats a whole bunch of the food, like pudding. It’s so funny, and I like at the end when his heart grows bigger, and he likes Christmas again.

Steven Stillman, 11, Suffolk

“Elf.” I’ve seen it about 200 times. It’s super funny. It’s about Santa Claus and elves. We even have it on YouTube and watch the elf put maple syrup on spaghetti.

Barbara Kelly-Gibbs, 52, Chesapeake

I really love “Home Alone.” I laugh so hard at that. When these robbers are out and about, and the little boy devises a plan. He just outsmarts the crooks, and I just love it. It shows even a little child can make a big difference.