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Who doesn’t love cookies?

For those who aren’t involved in Girl Scouts, cookie season is simply a time to revel in sugar overload and the deliciousness of Samoas and Savannah Smiles, which are, without a doubt, the best Girl Scout cookie flavors there are. If you disagree, kindly accept our invitation to write a letter to the editor. See below for guidelines.

But for Girl Scouts, cookie season is about much more than cookies. It’s about learning lessons in safety, goal-setting, confidence, leadership and elementary business sense that can serve girls well into the future.

In other words, selling cookies now could very well lead to a career selling cars, brokering commercial real estate, running campaigns, writing legal clauses or curing cancer.

Who knew cookies could do so much?

More than 1,600 Girl Scouts, troop leaders and their families celebrated the Cookie Kickoff for the 2018 cookie season earlier this month at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.

The girls learned about skills they would need and goals they could set to help them be successful this year.

Girl Scout Troop 273 recently met in Chesapeake to talk about safety tips, too, like always having their parent with them when they sell door-to-door.

In addition, the girls gain salesmanship and money management experience as they sell boxes of cookies, said Troop 273 leader Ciara Summers. They set goals that will help their troops do fun things like parties and trips. They also gain the confidence of talking to folks they don’t know and trying to sell them something, which is a valuable skill to develop when the product they’re selling is as desirable as a cookie.

We wish the Girl Scout troops in Suffolk much success with cookie sales this year. Don’t forget to stop by the Suffolk News-Herald office so we can order some. You already know our favorites.