Author publishes third book

Published 8:08 pm Wednesday, January 31, 2018

David Perry lives his life as a full-time pharmacist, but in every second of his free time he manages to write and publish books.

The Isle of Wight resident has self-published two books, “Second Chance” and “The Cyclops Conspiracy.” His newest novel, “The Cyclops Revenge” will be available for purchase beginning Feb. 1.

Perry’s newest novel is the sequel to his second book, “The Cyclops Conspiracy,” and it is a suspense thriller based on the life of a pharmacist living in Hampton Roads. Perry draws from his own professional experiences working as a pharmacist.


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“I always want to incorporate the medical world,” Perry said. “You write what you know about, and for 30-plus years I’ve been a pharmacist.”

Perry not only draws his inspiration from his own life but also found inspiration from the books he read in his younger days. Robert Ludlum, an American author known for the Bourne Trilogy Series, was a favorite author of Perry’s in college.

“I’ve always been an avid reader since I was in college. I was and still am a Robert Ludlum fan,” Perry said. “He wrote those in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. His books were international, espionage thrillers, and I’ve always been into those.”

While most smaller writers publish books through indie channels or strictly on Amazon, Perry took publishing into his own hands. Perry established Pettigrew Enterprises LLC, his own publishing company.

“With my first book, I had the book finished and I sent out query letters to agents and publishers. Just like any writer, I have a stack of rejection letters,” Perry said. “I had a publisher in Texas, and when they were editing they went out of business.

“So, at that point, I had a decision to make. I created my own publishing enterprise. We have a national distributer. Even though I am self-published, we are mainstreamed. And we are looking to expand and work with other authors.”

Perry has already started work on the next two books in his Cyclops series, which will consist of four books. The next book will be call “Cyclops Reprisal,” and Perry has already began researching and writing. While Perry has a title for the fourth and final book, “Cyclops Holocaust,” he has yet to begin writing it.

While juggling a full-time job and writing, Perry values his free time.

“I’m very protective of my free time and writing time,” he said. “My door is closed, and folks know not to bother me. The key is to let folks know it’s my time and don’t interrupt me.”