Sinclair causes stir

Published 9:07 pm Thursday, April 5, 2018

Recently, anchors that work for stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group recited a script of Trump-friendly talking points.

I have seen several videos of all of the videos cut together, and I’m hoping everyone feels the same way that I do. Disappointed.

Media should never be spouting the propaganda of the left or the right, because that is not why the free press exists. The free press exists to help host a marketplace of ideas, but it also exists to find the truth and hold public officials accountable.


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This script talked about the dangers of fake news being spread and reporters spreading their personal opinions on social media, and reporters read the script word for word.

What is concerning is that the potential for this to happen exists all the time, since Sinclair owns 193 stations across more than 100 markets. The number may rise to 233 if the Federal Communications Commission approves its purchase of Tribune Media.

One company monopolizing the media in the country is exactly what will lead to fake news and conservative propaganda being spread.

What breaks my heart when reading the countless stories with anonymous sources is that television news anchors are hurting.

Anchors are bound to their jobs with contracts, and those contracts are sealed tight and don’t give the option for an easy out. Anchors have sent screenshots of their contracts or spoken about them to newspapers, showing just how stuck they are.

Court battles and ponying up salaries and bonuses could ruin their lives financially and professionally. If these anchors go to court over this, they are unemployable until the court hearings are over.

What this leads to are reporters being stuck in a position where they have to preach the propaganda of Sinclair Broadcast Group or face ruining their lives.

These reporters are facing hate from those in their cities and those across the country, and the hate isn’t fair. The anger and frustration should be directed towards the company that owns them.

This is just another reason for everyone to stand up and fight back. Register to vote, and vote for those that can help put a stop to this.