Cox makes plays happen for KF

Published 9:29 pm Saturday, April 28, 2018

Lonni Cox was voted Suffolk News-Herald Player of the Week after a productive week for the Lady Bulldogs soccer team.

Cox, a junior for the King’s Fork High School soccer team, has been doing it all for the Lady Bulldogs this year. In three games last week, she accumulated seven goals and four assists. Over the course of the season to this point, Cox has made a lot of plays for her team, but she hasn’t thought of it as anything more than doing what she can for her team.

“I feel like I have played well, but there is always room for improvements,” she said. “However, I wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for the help of my teammates. Without them, I do have the opportunities to score that I have.”


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She has 14 goals on the season thus far, and her mindset when she steps out on the field is just to win not only for herself but also for her teammates. Cox has seen her development improve over the summer. She played for the Golden Ball Soccer Academy travel team and was able to develop there while heading into her junior season. By the time preseason rolled around, she was ready to step into whatever position the team wanted her to be.

“I got better over the summer,” she said. “I was ready for the season to start and step up to whatever challenges that may come my way. I was ready to play any position my team wanted me to play this season so I can support the team any way that I can.”

After falling a game short of the state championship last year, Cox’s goal for the season was just to accomplish more than the team did last season. She didn’t want to focus on personal stats or accolades; she just wanted to improve her game and helping her teammates. Of course, if the accolades come her way, she will be grateful, but she is mainly focused on doing what she can to make her team better. When she is out on the field, her teammates motivate her, which is the reason she wants to give everything she can for her team.

“We have been playing strong, and if we keep up the good work and positive thinking, we have a chance to go further than we did last season,” she said.

Cox has been playing soccer since the age of 4. Her father has always been an inspiration to her. He has always encouraged her to be strong and never to give up on what she wants. Those words of wisdom translate into the type of athlete Cox is. She is a hard worker and supportive and no matter what, she never quits.

In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends and family. King’s Fork will have three games next week starting with Western Branch High School at home at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.