A happy heart

Published 10:48 pm Thursday, August 23, 2018

I’m an emotional person, and I’m not ashamed to say that.

I get emotional when I see puppies, cute babies or heartwarming stories.

While working on a story yesterday, I got the same over-emotional feeling.

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I had the opportunity to chat with veterans walking for Walk of America, and I heard some of the best stories. These veterans have been through some of the worst physical injuries that a person can deal with. To make it worse, them went through some of the worst emotional trauma that someone can go through.

Some of them wanted to end their lives, and some of them witnessed many of their friends end their lives. I couldn’t help but feel my heart breaking.

It made my heart swell when they told me what saved their lives and why they wanted to go on a 1,000-mile trek across the country.

Some of the veterans walking are even being helped currently by the charity that puts on the Walk of America, Walking with the Wounded.

Walking with the Wounded provides resources and programs to veterans to help reintegrate into civilian life. Sometimes that means helping with physical, emotional and mental wounds.

Part of the reason these veterans wanted to walk across the country was that they want to spread awareness of veterans’ concerns and the support that is available to all of them.

Walking with the Wounded supports expeditions across other countries to help raise awareness, and this year the mission was to walk 1,000 miles across the U.S. to spread the message of their non-profit organization.

Different groups of veterans have walked across the South Pole, the North Pole and Britain just to spread their message.

The veterans that are walking across the U.S. — Kev Carr, Kemsley Whittlesea, Jonny Burns, John Brady, Frankie Perez, Adele Loar and Larry Hinkle — are all really wonderful people, and I hope they receive all the love and compassion possible from the different communities.

They accept donations while they walk, but they can also accept donations on their website, walkofamerica.com.