Former pastor indicted

Published 10:32 pm Friday, August 24, 2018

A former pastor of a Suffolk church was indicted in Suffolk Circuit Court this week on two charges of indecent liberties with a minor and one charge of carnal knowledge of a minor.

Sean Gaines, the former pastor of The Empowerment Temple, said by phone Thursday evening that he left the church earlier this month due to similar charges in Hampton. He seemed surprised to hear he’d been indicted in Suffolk.

“I’m refuting all the charges,” he said during the phone call. “I’m stating my innocence.”

According to a search warrant filed in Suffolk Circuit Court earlier this year, a 14-year-old girl reported she had been sending photos to Gaines via Facebook messenger. She said Gaines had asked her to send the photographs and to “send them to his Facebook account.”

She sent photos of her private parts as well as one of herself in her bra and underwear, the search warrant states. It happened between May 2017 and February 2018, the warrant says.

The girl consented for police to search her phone but said she had deleted the photos at Gaines’ request.

According to the indictments, the charges relate to incidents in which Gaines allegedly touched a juvenile victim’s breast and genitals and had sexual intercourse with her.

Gaines said he did not do what he’s accused of and does not know why the alleged victim would make the reports.

“I’m not going to make any statement towards that,” he said. “I just know I did not do this.”

The charges in Hampton started in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, so details on them were not immediately available.

Gaines did not return a follow-up call to ask further questions, including if he has an attorney.

Gaines was one of 39 defendants indicted on 77 charges by the grand jury on Wednesday. The full grand jury list is below:

Clifton Andre Artis — felon possess weapon/ammunition

Anthony D. Ausby — concealment, third offense (2 counts)

Antonio D. Barnes — strangle causing wound or injury (2 counts); contribute to delinquency of a minor

Antonio Lee Beale — statutory burglary; grand larceny

Kenyette Moki Clayton — possession of Schedule I or II controlled substance

James Marcus Fordham — fail to return rental property

Anthony Carlos Franklin — child neglect/abuse; child cruelty

Justin Anthony Frazier — possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, more than ½ ounce but less than 5 pounds

Sean Edward Gaines — carnal knowledge of a minor; indecent liberties, custodial relationship (2 counts)

Andre Laquan Goodman — forge public records

Kevin Orlandus Goodman — possess Schedule I or II controlled substance; unauthorized possession of drug paraphernalia

Steven Donnell Green — possession with intent to distribute cocaine, third or subsequent offense

Summer Greene — possess Schedule I or II controlled substance

Shania Denise Grier — forgery; uttering; obtain money by false pretenses

Thomas Evin Grizzle Jr. — hit and run, felony

Robert Harrell — possess Schedule I or II controlled substance (2 counts)

Damein Kawwan Hayslett — grand larceny

Tanisha Nichelle Hirsch — possess Schedule I or II controlled substance

Joseph Edward Hobbs — unauthorized use of motor vehicle

Courtney Chenelle Holland — robbery

Keith Raynard Holland — habitual offender, subsequent offense

William L. McNeil — drive while intoxicated, third offense within 5 years; drive after forfeiture of license; fail to observe markings

Courtney Darnesha Minggia — obtain money by false pretenses; false statement to DMV; obtain DMV document

Jacqueline Ann Musick — embezzlement, more than or equal to $200 (2 counts)

Willie Powel Jr. — drive while intoxicated, third offense within 5 years

Brandon Shane Reams — obtain money by false pretenses

Robert Bruce Riddick — forgery; uttering; identity theft; obtain money by false pretenses

Kayron Terrel Saunders — larceny with intent to sell; grand larceny; statutory burglary

Arthur Lee Scott — habitual offender, subsequent offense

Jonnie Otis Sharrod III — possess Schedule I or II controlled substance; grand larceny

Carlos Latrell Simmons — distribute Schedule I or II drug; violent felon possess/transport weapon; possess gun while possessing drugs

John Elliot Smith — child abuse/neglect (3 counts); abuse child, disregard life; habitual offender, subsequent offense

Shavonda Monay Spratley — possess Schedule I or II controlled substance

Jatalya Renee Turner — identity theft, financial loss more than $200; obtain money by false pretenses, more than or equal to $500

Ronald Vines — malicious wounding; shoot, stab, cut or wound

Kenneth Earl Watford — assault and battery of a family member; strangle causing wound or injury

Travis Janmain Watkins — robbery

Raia Jazae White — forgery (2 counts); uttering (2 counts); obtain money by false pretenses; attempted obtain money by false pretenses (2 counts)

Duquan Klove Wilson — statutory burglary; grand larceny