Help produce clean water

Published 10:41 pm Thursday, September 27, 2018

Folks here in America take water — clean water, that’s safe to drink, pumped into our homes and businesses and summoned by a flick of a faucet handle — for granted, but it’s not quite so easy in other parts of the world.

In places like many villages in Guatemala, access to clean water is limited, so organizations like Living Waters for the World have been working with partners for years to develop water purification systems, train volunteers and find places in the developing world for these volunteers to install these systems and train the locals to use and maintain them.

For the last dozen years, Suffolk Presbyterian Church has been a part of this mission. The team has done three installations in Guatemala during those years and plans its fourth in November.


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This one, to be installed in an area called El Tule, will be a little different. It’s a reverse osmosis system and will be the first installed by Living Waters partners in Guatemala.

The project will cost more than previous ones, so Suffolk Presbyterian has been diligently raising money toward its $25,000 goal. Remarkably, they are very close and need only about $3,000 to $4,000 more. They hope to get there with a plant sale coming up next month.

In addition to just clean water for El Tule, neighboring villages will be able to buy water at affordable prices, helping produce an income stream in El Tule. Church teams also provide health education, spiritual support and more when they travel to install and maintain these water purification systems.

If you can help support the flower sale, or if you can give in any other way, the members of this team at Suffolk Presbyterian could use your support. Contact Jack Stoughton at 651-0284 to place orders or find out how to help.