Traffic concerns growing

Published 11:42 pm Friday, January 25, 2019

To the editor:

First, I want to congratulate Suffolk on its business and population growth. The city has been in the forefront of expanding the North Suffolk area.

My concern centers around the thousands of more vehicles that will be operating on Bridge Road, Harbour View Boulevard and Shoulders Hill Road. Even now, navigating these roads can be a stressful experience. What will it be like once the new housing and mixed use projects are built along these roads?


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Adding further concern is the recent approval to build a new Bon Secours Hospital in Harbour View and the pending development of the Tidewater Community College property, which will be both residential and mixed use.

We all see approvals for these projects, but I hope we begin seeing more plans for road expansion and ways to head off the gridlock that is threatening the area.

Buddy Wilkins