Decorating, celebrating black athleticism

Published 10:15 pm Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Suffolk Public Library is inviting teens to learn more about lesser-known trailblazers in the black history of American athletics, while enjoying cupcakes that feature their own, enlightening designs.

Black History Cupcake Wars will be held at Morgan Memorial Library this Saturday and at North Suffolk Library on Feb. 9. Registrants will be provided all the materials they need to make cupcakes based on a historic, African-American athlete.

Teens will have 25 minutes to create a cupcake design based on their athlete of choice. According to Teen Services Senior Librarian Asa Heyward, there will be a focus on athletes from black history that don’t necessarily get as much of the spotlight as others.


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“(They’re) more of the hidden figures that have been trailblazers and have made opportunities possible for some of our present and future stars in the athletic world,” Heyward said.

Participants will guess who each cupcake represents, and the goal is for each person to incorporate different aspects of their chosen historical figures into their designs. They’ll walk away from the library with both the lessons they learned and the tasty cupcakes they made for themselves.

“When you have activities that are fun and engaging, it also opens the opportunity for learning,” Heyward said. “Ultimately the goal for Black History Month programming — particularly for teens — is to make it fun and active, while encouraging them to learn as well.”

Registration is required for both sessions. As of Tuesday, there are 10 spots left for the Morgan Memorial Library session and 12 for North Suffolk Library, Heyward said.

The session this Saturday will be from 3 to 4 p.m. at Morgan Memorial Library, 443 W. Washington St., while the Feb. 9 session will be at the same time at North Suffolk Library, 2000 Bennetts Creek Park Road. Visit for more information.