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Distracted driving legislation important

To the editor:

When it comes to distractions while driving, the first thing that comes to mind is using a cellphone.

As stated in “Safe driving advocates lament bills’ defeat” by Katja Timm in the Suffolk News-Herald (March 1), traffic safety advocates were disappointed that the legislation was denied. The legislation would have made it illegal to use a cellphone while operating a vehicle.

Texting and sending emails while operating a vehicle is illegal because it is a major distraction that can cause accidents, but it is still currently legal to use apps and talk on the phone.

It is very disappointing to see that the bill was defeated. Other states such as Georgia have implemented this law and noticed a decrease in traffic fatalities. The traffic safety advocates still should not lose hope and keep pushing to get the legislation passed.

We as a community should bring more awareness to the dangers of using a cellphone while operating a vehicle. The main goal is to keep people safe while driving. Eliminating distractions like being on Snapchat or Facebook while driving can help decrease the number of fatalities and accidents that jeopardize our loved ones.


Kimberly Nolan