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Help us honor mothers

Most people can think of someone in their life who has been a nurturing mother figure.

Many of us grew up with a wonderful biological mom, someone who loved and cared for us through all of life’s ups and downs — our babyhood, the terrible twos, preschool tantrums, elementary school homework, middle school hormones, high school achievements and mistakes, and even on into our own adulthood.

For some, the mother figure in our life is an adoptive mom or stepmom, who may not have given birth to us but has loved us just the same ever since we came into her life.

Still others might have amazing memories of their grandmother’s motherly instincts, which provided they love needed when mom just couldn’t be there.

Plenty of dads out there probably think their wife is Supermom, doing it all — from participating in the PTA to giving the kids a bath at night and still waking up early to pack lunches and go to work the next day.

The Suffolk News-Herald is publishing a special edition honoring all of the great mothers and mother figures in Suffolk, and we hope you will decide that your mom, grandmother, wife or other mother figure is the World’s Best Mom and absolutely should be included in this edition. (Here’s a hint: If she has a mug with that saying, she’s definitely the World’s Best!)

We want you to submit your story about the mom in your life. It can be 100-150 words, and please include a photo of her. Please email us the story and photo by April 15 to be included — and space is limited, so please submit early!

This special edition will publish on April 30, so it’s a great way to honor her ahead of Mother’s Day.