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Cloggers bring home multiple awards

The Peanut City Cloggers brought home many awards from the recent All American Clogging Challenge in Benson, N.C.

They competed in 10 routines as well as solos and had the following results:

Elementary Running Set — 1st Place

Elementary Open Hoedown — 2nd Place

Junior Running Set 1st Place and Grand Champion for the category.

Junior Country Hoedown — 2nd Place

Junior Traditional Line Formation — 1st Place

Junior Traditional Line — 3rd Place

Young Adult Open Hoedown — 1st Place

Young Adult Show — 1st Place and Grand Champion

Young Adult Southern App — 1st Place and Grand Champion

Adult Running Set — 1st Place

Solo Winners in their respective age category:

Judy Lester — 1st Place

Joann Price — 1st Place

Jeff Hill — 1st Place


The cloggers recently competed at the Clogapalooza Event in Windsor on April 6 at Georgie D. Tyler Middle School.