People helping people

Published 10:22 pm Monday, May 13, 2019

One thing the Suffolk News-Herald gets the opportunity to highlight over and over again is the willingness of Suffolk residents to help their neighbors.

That has been on display once again this weekend, as dozens of residents have been cleaning up after a tornado splintered trees on a two-mile path near downtown, causing those trees to damage multiple buildings homes and businesses. The storm also blew in windows, knocked down chimneys and in general made a mess of several residential areas.

But even as residents surveyed the damage and marveled at the fact nobody was hurt — or worse — they were just as quick to offer help to those who needed it and express gratefulness to those who had helped them.


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Arnold Haynes, one of those whose home was damaged by the storm, said that people were already pulling together to help others.

“Suffolk still is that way,” he told reporter Jimmy LaRoue on Monday.

It’s the same concept of neighbors helping neighbors that was on full display during Suffolk’s last big tornado, in April 2008. That tornado, which was wider and more powerful, damaged many more buildings and brought out hundreds of volunteers from all over. This week’s efforts will be on a smaller scale but no less meaningful to those who need help.

It’s not just twisters that bring out the best in Suffolk. Whether it’s great fundraising efforts like those for local nonprofits, or personal or widespread tragedies, everybody in Suffolk always seems willing to spend their time and effort helping others.

That’s what this great city is all about, and while we always hope for the best, we know that we can look forward to seeing residents come together when it counts the most.