Fallen remembered at Cedar Hill

Published 7:34 pm Monday, May 27, 2019

By Rachel Wartian


The Memorial Day ceremony at Cedar Hill Cemetery paid tribute to the fallen men and women who paid the ultimate price in their service to the United States of America.


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The ceremony was organized by the Norman R. Matthews Post 57 of the American Legion. Participants also included local veterans, Boy Scout Troop 1 and representatives from local organizations.

Post Commander Denis Confer recounted the history of the American Legion as it celebrates its centennial this year. Despite having 3 million members across the country, the American Legion is declining in membership. Confer gave a call to action, encouraging the young people in the audience to volunteer where they feel called. He stressed the importance of finding a cause to get involved in not to please anyone specific but to make an important difference.

The guest speaker was Col. Robert H. Kelly of the U.S. Air Force, who reminded everyone of the significance of the holiday.

“Memorial Day gives us the chance to reconnect to generations of the past and the men and women who secured our freedom.”

Kelly went on to stress the importance of learning more about those who did give their lives.  “The best way we can honor the fallen is to learn about their heroism and sacrifice.”

Kelly also mentioned the families affected by the loss of their loved ones. He reminded the audience that many say goodbye to their loved ones as they leave for their deployment. Many know that this could be their final goodbye, while they still hope for the best. Their loss is not only one for their family, but for their country as well. For their sacrifice, Kelly called for a thank you.

Wreaths were then placed on the various memorials for each war. This included monuments for the Vietnam War, the Korean War, both world wars, Spanish-American War, Civil War and Revolutionary War.

Guest singer Olivia McGahee gave two performances during the ceremony, starting with the national anthem at the beginning of the ceremony and closing it with “God Bless America.”

This ceremony paid respect to those who have worn and still wear the uniform. It was a thank you to those who gave their lives and a reminder that not everyone comes home.