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Conyers, NR to host youth football camp

The Nansemond River High School head football coach, Justin Conyers, will host his 1st and 10 Youth Football Camp later this month.

From June 24-27, Conyers and his staff and players will host a youth football camp. The 1st and 10 Youth Football Camp is intended to improve each individual’s ability to play football.

The camp will be available to players from ages 6-14, and for each day, the camp will be from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. The daily schedule will consist of agility and speed training, specific football drills for offense and defense and teaching of group schemes for football. Overall, the goal is to improve players’ footwork, agility, individual skill for a position and to develop good sportsmanship and the ability to play.

The camp cost is $50, and financial aid will be available. For those that need financial aid, contact parent liaison Jennifer Soriano via email at jennifersoriano@spsk12.net or phone at 535-1928. Parents must fill out paperwork on the first day of camp before their child is allowed to participate.

Required gear for the camp will be cleats, workout shoes and workout clothes. A large bottle of water will be required, as well.

Nansemond River also offers sponsorships for the camp. Conyers can be contacted via email at justinconyers@spsk12.net or phone at 268-5689.