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Cheers for playground

Suffolk’s first playground that’s compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act was opened with fanfare on Tuesday.

The most important element of a playground — excited children — was on hand to play on the new equipment, which allows children of all abilities to play together.

The inclusive playground features ramps that are wide enough for wheelchair access and a Merry-Go-All designed to make it easier for children to get from a wheelchair into the merry-go-round seats.

The rubber surface allows for easier navigation by wheelchairs and children with mobility difficulties, while at the same time reducing the risk of head injuries for those who fall.

Expression Swings at the playground allow for adults and children to face each other as they swing, allowing emotional bonding between child and caretaker.

There’s even a musical element, allowing children who are blind or have low vision to stand and create beautiful sounds as they play alongside their peers.

City facilities in Suffolk should be welcoming for all of its residents, and this playground is a huge step toward that goal.

We commend the city of Suffolk for making this playground a priority for all of Suffolk’s children. We also commend the city making grant funding a priority, as the playground was partially funded through Obici Healthcare Foundation grants and a partnership between GameTime, GameTime’s parent company PlayCore and the Virginia Recreation Parks Society.