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Land Transfers for June 21-27

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 21 to 27

Karl Bowman, trustee, to Jordan Lashmett; 6030 Spinnaker Cove Court; $658,700

Robert Tompkins to Sean Rountree; 5100 Hunters Creek Place; $346,000

Andrew Westmoreland to James McQuiniff; 1490 Elderberry Road; $325,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Robert Laychak; 116 Beacon Run; $337,095

Timothy Gaddie to Aaron Zevenbergen; 2013 Woodshire Way; $259,900

Annette Ebron to Michael Eaton; 1908 Hobson Drive; $25,000

Resquiveles LLC to Leandra Spruill; 517 Mason Ave.; $175,000

Randy Fiel to Danette Likens; 5460 Old Myrtle Road; $206,000

Dianna Wolfson to John Ventura; 615 Murphys Mill Road; $717,000

Loretta Young to Mutual Investments LLC; 207 Woodrow Ave.; $31,000

Robert Bartlett, heir, to Edwin Ramos; 8232 Nathan Ave.; $165,000

Sadler Building Corporation to Garmonyu Joine; 112 Northgate Lane; $427,900

Robert McClung to Talisha Anderson; 127 Rabey Farm Road; $345,000

Damian Dwyer, administrator, to Ale Nation LLC; 1235 White Marsh Road; $82,500

Jason Gaines to Andrew Jones Jr.; 4420 Donald Ave.; $320,000

Kenneth Hill to Michael Foster II; 4129 Deer Path Road; $275,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Antron Caldwell; 2181 Humphreys Drive; $200,545

Kemakaloam Ohale to David Boyd; 5300 South Kemper Lakes Court; $392,000

Frank Headley to Jerome Slade; 1708 Mill Wood Way; $280,000

Andrew James to City of Suffolk; Pitchkettle Road East Boston; $165,000

Rachel Stacknick to Jonathan Rankin; 1661 Great Fork Road; $209,900

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Joseph Brooks Jr.; 4060 Ravine Gap Drive; $399,900

Ariel Anderson to Emily Sadler; 2246 Humphreys Drive Unit 298; $175,650

Andrea Riddick to Krystal Reid; 226 Baron Blvd.; $283,800

Cobb Land Limited Partnership to James Wright; 659 Manning Road; $162,000

Josie Babb to James Durden Jr.; 317 Babbtown Road; $101,400

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 333 Declaration Lane; $89,300

Kelly Fougerousse to Kevin Hedge; 104 Whimbrel Drive; $367,000

Solomons Builders Inc. to Elmer Swilley; 5836 Old Myrtle Road; $330,000

Anthony Rexach to Tony Ruffin; 7248 Arrington St.; $234,000

Anthony Johnson to Kevin Hampshire; 1515 Dutch Road; $245,000

Christine Hodges to Kenneth Murphy; 2613 N. Nansemond Drive; $250,000

At Williams Oil Inc. to City of Suffolk; 1555 Holland Road; $2,232

At Williams Oil Inc. to City of Suffolk; 1555 Holland Road; $15,908

Stephen Williams to City of Suffolk; 1555 Holland Road; $83,275

Next Once LLC to Louis Milyko; 380 Lummis Road; $349,900

Jeffrey Hunt to Levi Jasmer; 106 Windsor Court; $299,900

Stephen Trenholm to Julia Clingenpeel; 407 Elizabeth St.; $164,000

Nancy Matthews to Barbara Cummings; 805 Wilroy Road; $180,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Jeanette Byrum; 1509 Goodwin St.; $127,700

Gabriel Rogers to Michael French; 840 Bennetts Meadow Lane; $310,000

Legacy Home Building LLC to Julianne Thomas; 310 St. James Ave.; $215,975

Grace Werkheiser to Tyler Burkey; 3625 Sherwood Place; $130,000

US Bank Trust, trustee, to Evelio Marulanda; 121 Pinner St.; $52,000

Kevin Blount to Tristan Ray; 108 Sweetbriar Lane; $385,000

James McNeil to Joseph Redwood Sr.; 3043 Bay Shore Lane Unit 111; $274,900

Boyce Widener Properties LC to Beamons Mill Property LLC; 224 Beamons Mill Trail; $7,175,000

Boyce Widener LTD to Beamons Mill Property LLC; 224 Beamons Mill Trail; $10

HG Development Finance II LLC to Michael Havlin; 2010 Anthony St.; $485,000

At Suffolk VA 2B6 LLC to FCPT Holdings LLC; 7380 Harbour Towne Parkway; $10

Cecil Phillips to Jonathan Queen; 309 Benton Road; $44,000

Cainesha Sills to Lane Hendrix; 1410 Teton Circle; $164,000

Mary Difranco to Joseph Laws; 3102 Summerhouse Drive; $640,000

Joseph Jones to Newport News Shipbuilding; 2130 Holland Corner Road; $350,000

Reed Sloat to Lions 73 LLC; 1770 Bleakhorn Road; $324,700

Malcolm Hunter to Ronald Hamblin; 37.4 acres off of Desert Road; $10,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Bonita Underhill; 300 Cornerstone Walk; $340,820

Tidewater Investments 3 LLC to John Parks, trustee; 617 Railroad Ave.; $16,500

Richard Wilson to 112 Oriental LLC; 4040 Sadler Drive; $165,000

Tyrone Bethea to Craig Cottrell Sr.; 311 Terrywood Drive; $329,000

Robert Meinertzhagen to Brian Kershasky; 3501 Blaze Court; $243,000

Gerard L’Etoile Jr. to David Lebrecht; 4016 Hargrave Landing; $339,000

Dareem Potter to David Raines; 1502 Waters Edge Lane; $209,900