Land Transfers for Sept. 20-26

Published 6:58 pm Tuesday, October 1, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

September 20-26

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Russell W. Dokken, trustee; 145 Beacon Run; $392,810


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Robert A. Fly to Megan Oliver; 117 River Point Drive; $123,000

Donald C. Speight to Glenn A. Hrinda; 625 Dogwood Lane; $189,900

Retreat at Bennetts Creek to Sheila Phillips; 210 Preservation Reach Unit 42; $350,206

FFC Properties LLC to Michael D. Webb; 2004 Soundings Crescent Court; $302,600

Bradley J. Hartgerink to Bradley J. Hartgerink, trustee; 5101 Brookstone Way; $100

Kenneth A. Prinz to Katlyn Z. Skirvin; 2446 Holland Corner Road; $200,000

Barry L. Pierce to Daniels Construction Corp.; land on Crittenden Road; $15,000

Tyren Rivers to Kyle P. Fesette; 6713 Lake Cove Court; $282,000

James Godfrey to Thomas C. Hall; 3315 Trotman Wharf Drive; $333,200

Walter Lee Williams to Lisa Sharpe; 6569 Everets Road; $49,000

Kawliga J. Dukes to East Beach Contractors LLC; 3319 Holland Road; $40,000

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to James Donald Hughes, trustee; 5315 Sports Club URun Unit 701; $349,900

Randall L. Seavy to David Ward Fay; 400 Longstreet Lane; $57,000

Demitri L. Hadley to Issac Morfin; 2016 Queens Point Drive #82; $305,000

Daniel E. Yuchnovicz to Joshua Matthew Douthit; 2731 Burning Tree Lane; $340,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Tyren L. Rivers; 3741 Willow Glenn Circle; $452,450

David W. Hastings to David Joseph Lawless Jr.; 7018 Porthole Place; $310,000

Kyristina M. Manning to Connor Brown; 111 Myava Lane; $228,000

Ronald L. Matthews to Lisa Ann Goodman; 137 Whaley St.; $120,000

Randall L. Seavy to Jerome Robert Stone; 7910 Quince Road; $485,000

Chery Denise Askew, executrix to Cheryl D. Askew; 2500 Woodlane Trail; $240,000

Vondel R. Collins to Thomas Parrish; 5075 Kings Grant Circle; $265,000

David A. Jernigan Jr. to Rebecca Parobechek; 1231 Exchange Road; $125,000

NVR Inc. to Brian Keith Moore; 116 Civil Court; $447,617

Thomas J. Cane to Lawrence M. Stanton Jr.; 308 Linden Ave.; $215,000

Leroy Tyler Jr. to Flips LLC; 400 Culloden St.; $12,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Melissa Sawyer Vick; 136 Robin Lane; $170,000

Robert J. McLaurin to Tolulope O. Ale; 1912 Kyle Court; $265,000

Leroy Tyler Jr. to Flips LLC; 400 Culloden St.; $12,500

Leah D. Wilkins to Alexander J. Hindle Jr.; 1520 Sleepy Lake Parkway; $337,000

Gaynor Rodney to Travis L. Tyler; 1014 Rachels Drive; $265,000

Fannie Mae to Glenn D. Barum; 9505 Pineview Road; $80,000

Earl G. Ratliff to Sara B. Trickett; 6083 Newington Place; $237,000

William D. Parker, trustee, to Elizabeth T. Beale; 1508 Sleepy Lake Parkway; $350,000

William E. Talbert III to Ian D. Morse; 215 Highland Ave.; $179,900

Barry Lee Noe to Robert E. Perkins; 132 Brittany Lane; $367,500

Ronald H. Brewer to Christopher J. Bell; 1555 Carolina Road; $227,500

Matthew Williams to Markcus Jermaine Holland; 4233 Coltrane Ave.; $239,900

William C. Hilliard to Ethan Ty Meads; 189 S. Main St.; $155,000

Joseph Smith to Vivian N. Bergen; 330 Bob White Parkway; $395,000

Vivian O. Spratley to Ryan C. Stoekl; land on Jenkins Mill Road; $56,250

Lillian B. Fowler to James O. Sweatt Jr.; 7925 Whaleyville Blvd.; $2,000

Leon Jones to Jamell D. Lewis; 144 Charles St.; $169,000

Sherri Kokai to Michael C. Owen; 3500 Derby Cove; $258,500

Jamie L. Mixson to Michael A. Holman; 1683 Faulk Road; $204,000