Gas prices continue to dip

Published 10:06 pm Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Gas prices in Virginia are steadily dropping going into this week, AAA Tidewater Virginia announced on Monday.

According to the Monday press release, the average price for gas in Virginia is $2.33. That’s a three-cent drop from last week and 35 cents less than last year.

Prices at the pump are even lower in Hampton Roads. The average price for gas in Hampton Roads, as of the Monday press release, is $2.26, a four-cent decrease from last week and 39 cents less than last year.


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The national gas price average continues to hold steady at $2.65 on the week, which is nine cents more than last month, but also 26 cents cheaper than one year ago.

Most motorists nationwide are seeing prices decline or stabilize, with the majority of states seeing gas prices decrease by as much as nickel since Monday of last week, according to the press release.

“All regions are seeing planned and unplanned refinery maintenance,” Georjeane Blumling, spokesperson for AAA Tidewater Virginia, stated in the press release. “On the whole, we are seeing gasoline demand mostly push lower amid stable, but healthy gasoline stock levels which are ultimately keeping prices cheaper for most motorists.” on Tuesday afternoon recorded regular gas prices in Suffolk that ranged from $2.13 to $2.39 per gallon, which represents a slight dip compared to the $2.18 to $2.39 range that was recorded on Oct. 1.