A reason to live

Published 9:50 pm Monday, December 30, 2019

By Ariane Williams

A couple of months ago, things began to shift in my life. I found myself physically standing, but mentally and spiritually empty. You know that feeling of can’t eat, want to sleep to mask the tears in the inside. It is in those moments that you fail to see how God surrounds you with love. It is in those moments that you fail to see how God strips your circle, removing all your coverings so that He can equip you with something greater, cover you with something stronger, and dress you with clothing that transforms into armor to protect your gift.

Thanksgiving this year was a planted memory in my heart. We celebrated our thankfulness with different families under one roof. It was filled with love. In a matter of days, life changed as my husband’s aunt passed away. It was then that I realized that family is not defined by blood; family is defined by those who come into your life to teach you lessons. Questions that resonated in my spirit through these moments: What type of memories are you creating? Are you giving love every day of your life? Are you scared to live your life?


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Love is a component of living.  It should expand beyond what your mind can comprehend. Don’t just spend time, create how you should love during that time. Although there is a part of me that is bruised, I found a piece of unseen love in my heart that I want to discover. Sometimes, we lose a part of who we are in the process of what we think is living. I decided to see the movie “Frozen,” and it transformed my leap into a plunge. Elsa took a risk to see the past so that she could correct the future. For her to make the change, she had to plunge into the darkness, although she did not know what was at the bottom. What happens if your future is dependent on your ability to plunge into what you cannot see? What if the magnitude of your gift is at the bottom waiting to be claimed?

My husband’s aunt had time to wrap gifts for all the children in the family. She had time to create a memory of strength and courage. As the children unwrapped those gifts that bore her name, her heart was unwrapped into the atmosphere. Her spirit will always be in my heart. She took the time to take a plunge into the future. Her last gift was not a physical gift; her last gift was the gift to move. Her last gift was the gift to love. Her last gift was a gift that will continue; she left us with a reason to live and love. Her last gift changed how I see my life and how I must activate my faith to face what I cannot see. She was the gift that we had the honor to unwrap. Are you scared to plunge into your future?

How are you giving? Will your giving travel into the future or is it stuck in time? How will you transform your actions to prepare you for the plunge? Life is not short if you are living in love.  I had to change how I prayed. I had to change how my physical eyes saw situations. I had to change how I spoke. I had to be transparent. I had to walk away from comfort. In the process of clothing me gain, God showed me what I could not see. He showed me love in many forms.

God is clearing the way for your gift. He is waiting for you to take the plunge. Do not be afraid to love again because of the past. One of my students shared these words with me on a gift that she gave me for Christmas, “Note to self, be amazing; brilliant thoughts in my head.” As I look at those words, I am going to take the plunge to claim the rest of my gift. If you hold my hand, we can take the plunge together.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at arianewilliams810@yahoo.com.