The J.O.Y. blessing of the Messiah

Published 8:24 pm Thursday, January 2, 2020

By QuaWanna Bannarbie

Jesus is here. The announcement on Christmas morning came from an angel. Luke 2:10 states, “And the angel said to them, Fear not: for, behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” The angel makes this proclamation to all people. All people were not in existence during that time. Therefore, I believe that the tidings and the benefits of the Messiah’s coming continue perpetually.

The word “all” is an inclusive term that denotes extension. Aren’t you happy that the angel did not say “shall be to you people” or “shall be to his people”? His proclamation extends to people then, now and the continual creation of people in the world. It is God’s will that we have what He promised to us. The angel spoke God’s love for us because God sent His son to ensure our success. His blessing continues to yield.


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Years ago, I learned that JOY was short for “Jesus. Others. Yourself.” It was supposed to be a reminder of how we should prioritize service, putting Jesus first and ourselves last. As I thought about this announcement from the angel, the word JOY stood out to me and I created another possible explanation of the acronym regarding how this joy extends to all people: Jesus Outstretching Yield.

Outstretching is significant to this message of perpetual blessing. As I said before, Jesus’ coming casts a wide net. The work of outstretching is done through us. Remember how the biblical account of Jesus’ birth moved throughout so many places through the movement of people, particularly His parents. The same is true today. The yield stretches out because God’s people are stretched out throughout the world.

In September of the past year, the Lord gave me a series of articles to write that I titled “The Yield Series.” Here again, God is reminding me of His yielding power and pronouncement on each of us that He enlarges us through our hope in His son. I stated in September that we have been given a divine characteristic of God to continually yield. Just look around you, His creation keeps growing.

God is moving in our midst. He continues to yield and grow us. We benefit from our hope in Jesus. The word of God and His anointing power coupled with your life will yield fruit as you work the will the Father has for you. Work is a component of the degree of yield.

Praise God that we were included in the perpetual praise of the Messiah’s coming. Praise God that we are receivers of the good news. In this new year, I pray that we will remember that the pronouncement is to all people. JOY to the world, the Lord is come. Yielding is our portion. From year to year, may you reap the blessing of great joy.

QuaWanna Bannarbie is an adjunct professor of nonprofit leadership and management with Indiana Wesleyan University, National and Global. Her children attend Suffolk Public Schools. Connect with her via or via Twitter @QNikki_Notes.