Off-ramp should be built

Published 10:39 pm Friday, January 31, 2020

To the editor:

I am a homeowner in the Beamons Mill community.

This letter is seeking, asking and knocking at the door of the representative for the Cypress Borough, Vice Mayor Leroy Bennett; 76th District Delegate Clinton Jenkins; and each member of the Suffolk City Council as well as state representatives to pursue the following request.


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I am requesting that each of the aforementioned persons assist the Suffolk community in having an off-ramp built off the Route 58 bypass east of Wilroy Road. I am requesting the ramp be built in the area before the merging of the eastbound 58 bypass and Portsmouth Boulevard/Business 58 east come together. Community members of the East Washington Street and Nansemond Parkway intersections heading toward downtown Suffolk as well as the Beamons Mill community will also receive benefits from having a ramp built in this area of Route 58.

The ramp would serve the communities and drivers by giving better access to Business 58 West and other connecting communities. The ramp would reduce traffic when drivers take the Wilroy Road exit off Route 58 bypass. It also allows for easier access to Olde Mill Creek community and Wilroy Industrial Park. Drivers would also be able to avoid some railroad crossings, therefore having less delays waiting for trains to pass. The time drivers will save when entering the communities will be beneficial to not only the Beamons Mill community but will benefit the surrounding communities and enhance the flow of traffic.

Finally, even though this ramp will only allow access off Route 58 east connecting Portsmouth Boulevard/Business 58 west, the engineering design team could possibly pursue the option of adding a ramp connecting Route 58 bypass west. However, having access to the one ramp will be a positive beginning for the Suffolk communities.

Rev. Dr. Wong-ya Jones Sr.