Thank you for your readership

Published 9:42 pm Friday, April 24, 2020

After three incredible years covering news in the City of Suffolk, I wanted to announce to readers through this column that I will be leaving my position at the Suffolk News-Herald at the end of April.

I’m writing this column with a mix of enthusiasm for what’s next in my career, and sadness at leaving this city. It’s been a wild ride these past few years. The Suffolk News-Herald was my first, serious job in journalism and I’ve learned so much with the help of this dedicated office, but also through the many stories I’ve written about this hard-working community.

I was by no means “prepared” for what this job had in store for me during my first year in Suffolk. There were lessons I learned in real time, and progress felt slow, at first. But this community welcomed me with open arms and helped me grow as a professional.


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I don’t think there are enough column inches to name each person that I’ve worked with as a Suffolk news reporter, and who I’ve come to know and respect deeply. Allow me instead to say “thank you” to the many incredible people who have helped me tell stories that matter to the Suffolk community.

I will miss you all, and I will also miss the exciting events that I’ve had the good fortune to cover for the News-Herald. Suffolk Peanut Fest, Hampton Roads Tour De Cure and the Suffolk Public Library’s fan-tastic IconiCon, just to name a few.

Oh, and of course the Suffolk Humane Society’s annual “Mutt Strutt” festival, because as some of you know, I love dogs — almost as much as I have enjoyed bugging my coworkers with my constant dog photos.

Above all else I will miss the Suffolk newsroom. Tracy Agnew, Jen Jaqua, Jimmy Laroue and former editor Res Spears, the man who hired me three years ago. They were tremendous to work with and have helped me become an infinitely better reporter than the rookie I was at the beginning.

I have the utmost confidence that they will continue to serve Suffolk readers as we all navigate these uncertain times, along with everything else that the future holds for us. I’m confident in that because Tracy Agnew is an outstanding editor, and the best mentor for whoever becomes the next Suffolk News-Herald reporter. Whoever they may be, they’re in good hands.

Thank you to all of the readers who have supported the Suffolk News-Herald during my time here. Please continue to do so in the years to come. It is a long-standing institution, and with your help, it will forever stand tall.