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Land Transfers for May 1-7

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

 May 1 – 7

Sarah L. Baylor Fortner to Zachary C P Clark; 3349 Mintonville Point Drive; $480,000

Charles P Shore TR ETC to Kenneth Austin II; 317 Turnstone Drive; $349,000

Eunice W. Wilson to B J Willie; 2049 Nansemond Parkway; $349,000

Sean C Omitt to Lawrence S Frazier; 108 Elm Tree Court; $325,000

Clarence H. Brooks Special Commissioner to John M Kennedy; 0.43 Acre 1st Lot ES of Street 2; $15,500

Linda S Williams to Holly Ann Maddox; 700 Wedgewood Drive; $377,000

Linwood E. Stanworth II to Joseph Kingett; 1435 Redwood Court; $180,000

Joseph A Derider Jr to Dameon Wright; 5233 Moreland Street; $275,000

Chad R Harris to Whitlee M Thyne; 312 Sheryl Lyn Court; $345,000

Planters Station LLC to Vincent Edward Callahan Jr; 103 Allis Drive; $349,775

Mark S McAlpine to Lauren Michelle Taylor; 3117 Summerhouse Drive; $663,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Paul M Lentz; 207 Reservoir Lane; $313,610

NRGC Development LLC to Anthony Lamar Gasaway; 123 Peck Lane; $280,846

NVR INC to Andrew Joseph Casquejo; 2020 Petersen Way; $217,640

Erline R Kingsbury to Jung Soon Kim; 2119 Soundings Crescent Court; $332,500

Trey A Jackson to Jonathan J Mundinger Jr; 10305 Wildwood; $250,000

Thad & London Incorporated to Thomas P Bucanelli AKA; 10305 Wildwood; $155,000

Bria M Hill to Derek M Pelletier; 4136 Pritchard Street; $225,000

Robert W Zurschmit to William H Kline Jr; 5282 Bennetts Pasture Road; $625,000

Laurilyn McDonald Fortner TR ETC to Annette Marie Wilson; 307 Melrose Court; $184,000

Keith A Bunn Jr to Marvin T Stevens Jr; 329 York Street; $102,000

Jeffrey Stewart to Hastings and Sons LLC; 101 Byrd Street; $32,500

Robert L. McLaughlin to Gary E. Hendrick Jr; 1359 Manning Road; $225,000

Ronald E McCloud AKA to Lonnie S Lester III; 111 Cortland Court; $279,000

Richard Travis Koch to Randy Connonlly; 6207 E Shallowford Court; $549,000

Beatrice Lee Roberts to Hampton Road Holding Co LLC; 4885 Sleepy Hole Road; $60,000

Joel R Fortune to Micheal Whittington Jr; 413 Beamon Mill Trail; $221,389

Custom Builders Express LLC to Charles L Hill; 8681 Gates Road; $247,850

Douglas C Smith to Kimberly Peeples Vasquez; 1313 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $505,000

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 120 Independence Court; $90,500

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 106 Musket Circle; $90,500

Jennifer Jane Foss Revocable Living to Laurie Markel; 941 Vineyard Place Unit B; $251,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dan M Raquepo; 315 W Constance Road; $165,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Larry J Crosby; 3721 Willow Glen Circle; $448,346

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Tamara L Krobert; 3114 Ibis Boulevard; $563,007

Tele Home LLC to Ominium Solutions LLC; 309 Jackson Street; $47,500

Corey A Mueller to John J Rawlings Jr; 2357 Kings Fork Road; $569,500

Sandler at Gravestone LLC to Paige S Bosco; 3032 Ravine Gap Drive; $314,900

Gary Welter Pepper to Joseph Landry; 6300 Sentry Way; $304,900

Hulda P Orgnon to Stephen G Vanorsdale Sr; 1015 Nicklaus Drive; $225,000

NVR Inc to Kissy Yvonne McLaurin; 2022 Petersen Way; $221,565

Vincent F Martinez to Sterling A Woods; 5102 Wing Foot Court; $403,000

Pravin Bensam to Bases Hit LLC; 315 Central Avenue; $31,667

Joseph Glenn Stilwell to Timothy Kelley; 2064 Queens Point Drive; $286,000

Kelly McCoy to Erik R Fors; 3601 Traverse Circle; $240,000

Next One LLC to Amos J Cross; 340 Lummis Road; $349,900

Benjamin R Dvorak AKA to Lyonel Brutus Jr; 1011 Cabaret Lane B; $250,000

Coastal VA Homes LLC to Adam D Wright; 116 Cove Point Drive; $370,000

Raymond J Lester Jr to Keton Feliciano; 1044 Nansemond Parkway; $170,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ventress L Wilson Jr; 1792 Mill Wood Way; $350,000

NVR Inc to Billie Jean Harmon; 2024 Petersen Way; $216,565

Douglas W Kincaid Jr to Linwood A Owens; 2164 Partridge Place; $355,000

Gretchen L Arnold to Theodore N Young; 9036 Eclipse Drive; $175,000

John M Iannetta Sr to Robert Kenneth Bertrand; 5100 West View Court; $740,000

Comarth Saunders to Bradley J Tephabock; 2226 Florida Avenue; $34,000