Land Transfers for May 8-14

Published 5:11 pm Sunday, May 17, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

May 8-14

Gregory A. Miles to Loren James Hill; 1504 Mill Brook Court; $340,000


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Barry L Hess to Mia D Joe; 4413 Winona Trail; $435,000

Karen W Watson to Thomas M Queen; West Side of Walnut Street 245 South of the Southwest

Corner of the Intersection of Walnut and Adams Street; $61,000

Barbara J Little to Nathaniel W Sims; 4011 Hubbard Avenue; $265,000

Marion H McCue to Nicole M Digby Dalton; 0 Chappell Drive; $80,000

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR INC; 120 Musket Circle; $90,500

John C Vermillion to Jamaal Witherspoon; 6307 Liverpool Lane; $311,000

Micheal J Teal to Matthew R Enriquez; 107 Wimbrel Drive; $390,000

Damon Cary to Lavelle Crowder; 107 Highfield Road; $289,000

Michael E Clark to David Reyes; 2016 Smalleys Dam Circle; $345,000

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc to Boykins Properties; 1709 Freeney Avenue; $46,600

William C Oren to Phillip E Torres; 104 Benham Court; $233,000

Current Holmes LLC to Watson Okai; 214 Archers Drive; $262,500

Cindy L Frie to Richard E Demoulin III; 113 Crocker Street; $239,900

Nicholas J Policastro to Courtney Michele Gwin; 312 Gauntlet Way; $221,500

NRGC Development LLC to Rhonda T John; 117 Peck Lane; $345,500

Eagle Construction of VA LLC to Clifton Haircloth Jr; 3129 Summerhouse Drive; $562,000

Nicole Marie Matthews to Cheyenne Link; 321 Bruce Street; $152,000

NVR Inc to Ruby Douglas; 116 Independence Court; $387,990

NVR Inc to Nikolai Robert Evans; 2026 Petersen Way; $217,140

Andrea Stingo to Latarsha N Lowe; 1612 River Creek Drive; $195,500

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Melvon Britt; 128 Raleigh Drive; $202,000

Roy V Brinkley to EOMEAD  LLC; 4265 Deer Path Road; $488,500

Samuel Shuttleworth to Dalton Henning I; 226 Locust Street; $190,000

EOMEAD LLC to Swain & Temple INC; 4265 Dessert Road; $230,000

Deidre K Salter to Winston J Long; 2000 Barka Drive; $310,000

Linwood A Owens to Dawn S Christian; 205 King of France Court; $360,000

U S Bank National Association to Scott D McDonald; 3008 Wincanton Cove; $299,900

Becky Dixon Dixon to Jessica L Thompson; 683 Lake Meade Drive; $285,000

Joseph M Starling to Shannon V Sickles; 112 Burnetts Court; $165,000

Adrienne M Gaither to Paul Justice; 1304 Buoy Court; $164,250

Derek C Dunlap to Deandris S Saunders; 100 Trapfalls Court; $310,063

Random Properties Acquisition Company to Philip A Williams; 2892 North Shores Drive; $134,000

Sandler at Gravestone LLC to Kristen L Smith; 4074 Ravine Gap Drive; $316,900

Arthalia B Kahan Executrix to Bridget Camillia Douglas; 1111 Custis Road; $125,000

Luke A Paterna to Andrew Hollabaugh; 210 Reservoir Lane; $309,900

Donal Everett Executor to Antoine L Goodman; 440 Wilson Street; $25,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Lauren M Hood; 6716 Quaker Drive; $275,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Michael A Henry; 2407 Highview Court; $416,518

Randell O Blanchard to Rita H Hemmings; 3508 Whaleyville Boulevard; $275,000

Jason B Veara to Kathleen F Valdivieso; 4487 Burning Tree Court; $335,000

David B. Stuart Jr to Daniels Construction Corp; Carolina Road; $17,000

James H Durden Jr to Brian C Hearn; 69 Babbtown Road; $298,400

Eagle Construction of VA LLC to Gerald Belliveau Jr; 4126 River Park Drive; $638,000

Allen J Petry to William Morris Whitaker; 2036 Queens Point Drive, Unit 72; $308,000

Grove Avenue Developers Inc to Justin M Yert; 130 Jaclyn Drive; $372,400

Terry A Gauntt to Willie G Mitchell Jr; 413 Williams Road; $299,000

NVR Inc to Carlton Altray Turner; 112 Independence Court; $315,720

Aaron W Carnegie to Joshua Patton; 109 Berkshire Boulevard; $217,500

Michael R Fischer to Bryan J Buchholtz; 2025 Mill Lake Road; $305,000

William F Messick to Sean Michael Loendorf; 6701 Whitewood Street; $272,000

Miller Enterprise Group LLC to Shmuel LLC; 100 Bosley Lane; $262,000

Veronica Malone to Johathan F Kidd; 5049 Kelso Street; $295,000

Micheal G Ross to Corey M Sawyer; 2164 Buckhorn Drive; $317,000

Charles D Barrineau to Edwin Gilliland; 1937 Piedmont Road; $430,000