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Church brings refreshment

About a dozen volunteers from Community Church hit the streets in the heat on Thursday to help refresh electric workers who were getting the lights back on.

“It’s been good to see a smile on their face, because it’s hot out here, and they can’t just go and take a break whenever they want,” said Romy Feliciano, the Suffolk campus pastor for Community Church.

Volunteers made about 100 snack bags with treats like crackers, granola bars, trail mix and chewing gum. They also took cold sports drinks and passed out the snacks and drinks to electric company workers and others who were outside in the heat on Thursday.

“We’re nearby, and we know this is a community that we’re a part of, and we saw some of the devastation that was going on,” Feliciano said. “We wanted to at least do something, because we can’t all go out here and cut down trees and put power lines back up, but for everybody that’s tirelessly working out here, we wanted to at least put a smile on their face.”

He said the snacks and drinks were purchased with funds from the church. The Suffolk campus meets at 1242 Holland Road.

“The generosity of everybody who tithes and does offerings, this is what they get to be a part of because of their faithfulness,” he said.