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A day to seek God’s face

Magnolia United Methodist Church will host a gathering of prayer and worship to seek humility and healing on every level, from personal to national.

The gathering will be from 9 to 11 a.m. on Sept. 26 at the Magnolia United Methodist Church parking lot at 1764 Wilroy Road.

“This event is in conjunction with what is going on in D.C.,” said Rev. Sheena Laine, pastor of Magnolia United Methodist Church. “We just wanted something to bring the community together.”

Two prayer events are taking place on the same day and time in Washington D.C. Franklin Graham is hosting a prayer march at the Lincoln Memorial with various prayer spots of different focuses across the mall. In front of the Washington Monument is The Return, a prayer event focused on seeking humility and repentance for self, others and country.

The theme of The Return is based on the Bible verse 2 Chronicles 7:14. The verse is about God hearing the prayers and healing the land of those who humbly call on His name.

“That is what Magnolia is going to do,” Laine said. “We want to bring together and unite the body of Christ beyond denomination and beyond the person. This is an opportunity just to seek God’s face and cry out in humility.”

This event is not just for Magnolia, but for the church at large. Churches and speakers from across Suffolk and Norfolk will attend, including former Delegate Chris Jones, Steve Taylor, and Dot Dalton.

“This is our first time holding this event, but I would love to make this a yearly thing,”  Laine said.

The church will strictly follow CDC guidelines. Masks will be required for those who attend. Chairs will be appropriately sanitized and spaced across the parking lot. The event is limited to only 250 people to allow proper distancing.

To RSVP and secure a spot, call the church at 757-538-8552 or Rev. Laine at 757-556-6597.