Land Transfers for Dec. 18-23

Published 5:22 pm Friday, January 8, 2021

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Dec. 18 to Dec. 23

Asia S Andrade to Nelson Jackson III; 6733 Hampton Roads Parkway #B; $220,000


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Nansemond Investments CO LLC to NVR INC; 209 Declaration Lane, $275,100

Matthew J Johnson to Charles W Auman; 5079 Kelso Street; $355,000

Shawn Michael Brown AKA to Megan Marie Briggs; 132 Mill Lane; $197,500

Isaac P Lopez to Tamarra R Holt; 1012 Silver Charm Circle; $290,000

John E Crowley Jr TR ETC to Robert J Beard; 4002 River Park Drive; $850,000

A One Properties LLC to Joey L Cabrera; 315 Little Fork Road, $352,810

Robert L Bradshaw to Channan Brinkley; 118 Ridgecrest Drive; $290,000

Rodney A Moore to Fareed Abdul Larke; 120 Rabey Farm Road; $392,900

Jeanette Jenkins Adams to Brent T Wood; 1021 Snead Drive; $290,000

Shannon P Marquez to Raphael Bazemore; 214 Teton Circle; $175,500

Davidson Living Trust Dated July 1 to Antionette Davidson; 9005 River Crescent; $10

Leonard S Matthews Jr to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 2474 Greenway Road; $18,809

Kevin M Blake to Kamryn Amelia Ohara; 115 Saint James Avenue; $232,000

Carroll E Crum Jr to Monique Antionette Mills; 421 Waterwheel Crescent; $219,900

Mary Elizabeth Lowder to Cheryl Diane Combs; 408 Forest Hill Crescent; $229,900

William Eugene Goodman Jr to Clearview Homes VA LLC; 314 Boat Street; $101,000

David B Bunch to Melissa Foley; 1220 Willowbrook Drive; $247,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Marianne Goodwin Walston; 211 Retreat Drive; $384,632

Mark T Holland to Sue A Trussell; 206 Sumner Avenue; $170,450

Ralph Lewis to Janie Gates Moore; 235 Abingdon Circle; $190,000

Chandrakant P Patel to Archie Sutton; 204 Archers Drive; $255,000

Gregory Richard Bailor to Prosperity One LLC; 2015 Lakeside Street; $52,485

Kevin J Jefferson to Chance Deon Brown; 1120 White Herons Lane; $464,000

Aaron D Ford to Shelece Sellers; 160 Stoney Ridge Avenue; $280,000

Michael D Johnson to Keonte G Evans; 317 N 5th Street; $127,500

Lula Lolita Horn Fletcher Devisee to F&F Homes LLC; Abandoned Rt 337 Burton Plat; $52,000

Lula Lolita Horn Fletcher Devisee to F&F Homes LLC; Abandoned Rt 337 Burton Plat ACL RR; $52,000

Jay R Enterprises LLC AKA to Jimmi Kelly; 130 Spencer Court; $150,000

Ashdon Builders Inc to Brent C Winslow; 5056 Riverfront Drive; $708,456

Clay A Middlebrook to Anthony B Coon; 1035 Boundary Drive#26; $328,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Devin Poulin; 2018 Herons Pointe Lane; $400,660

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Tajh Marie Thompson; 2021 Herons Pointe Lane; $415,885

Sean Clayton to Muhammed M Khan; 6112 Cambridge Drive; $223,300

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 313 Central Avenue; $1

Elke E Dunne to Caleb Barrick; 6205 Field Crest Ct; $325,000

Nicole R Ehrenzeller to Series 2 PS; 1225 Old Somerton Road; $675,000

Michael S Baker to Maria Pueblito Ortega Montoya; 129 Sierra Drive; $144,000

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC; 113 Secretariat Drive; $800,000

Karen M Crwoley TR ETC to Nicole M Harris; 2595 Jackson Road; $190,500

GTB Enterprises Inc to Derek Robert Dennis; 305 Baker Street; $219,900

Sterling R N Wallace to Precious Jones; 174 Wexford Drive; $186,000

Michael R Kirk to Ashton Lewis Lumber Company Inc; 0 Everets Road; $105,133

Daryl Raeminton Jarvis to Curtis Nichols; 1308 Baltic Street; $241,000

Kory Brown to Sarah Stephens; 2314 Indian Trail; $290,000

Random J Frie to Anthony J Becica; 208 Archers Drive; $266,000

Travia McClendon to Dexter Bailey Jr; 6422 Aberdeen Place; $322,200

Derrick C Bunton to Octavia Combs; 161 Stoney Ridge Avenue; $265,000

Larry Patterson to Robert F Raper; 125 Lake Front Drive; $580,000

Lonnie J Hodges to Sarah Anne Blake; 6100 Minerals Springs Rd; $364,000

Yolanda M Facey to Roland B Manns; 1114 Island Park Circle; $239,000

Joshua A Clingerman to Jason Joseph; 218 Holbrook Arch; $315,000

Lisa Eichler to Brandon R Clements; 120 Linden Avenue; $280,000

Wesley A Rogers to Mark A II Schultz; 6371 Everets Road; $331,000

Dennis Motley to Brittany Jones; 116 Majestic Drive; $175,100

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Darius B Perkins; 2030 Herons Pointe Lane; $417,855

Nancy Sue Forbes Cisco to Jordan Lemmon; 123 River Pointe Drive; $140,000

Kathryn C Manlove to Leah White Rogers; 1208 Willowbrook Drive; $210,000

SaraJane Stenton to Renee P Mitchell; 1026 Bay Breeze Drive; $295,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Kiyana M Douglas AKA; $399,231

Alpha M Cobb to Robert L Johnson Jr; 2605 Jackson Road; $140,000

Dorla C Herring Heir to Landon K Moore; 5852 Bernhowe Manor Lane; $450,000

Cloverleaf Development LLC to Foxfield Meadows LLC; 1241 Pitchkettle Road; $1,700,000

Ainslie Group Inc to Jeanne Ireland; 6003 Gardenstone Circle; $35,000

Waterjump LLC to Morgan Lee Pasley; 5043 Huntclub Chase; $275,000

Patsy A Hudson to Eric E Robinson; 5101 Gleneagles Way; $455,000

Hastings and Sons LLC to Blair Alexander Sturm; 1765 Airport Road; $299,500

Michael R Kirk to C B Farms LLC; 279.79 Acres Sleepy Hole Borough; $300,000

Cara Byrd to Melissa Banks; 3020 Catalina Avenue; $258,500

Hampton Roads Estate Development to Patrice Frias; 132 Greenfield Crescent; $95,000