Land Transfers June 11-17

Published 5:57 pm Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June 11-17

CBAY VA LLC to Suburban Investments LLC; 2132 Kings Fork Road; $150,000

Arthur T Roe III to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3000 White Marsh Road; $4,720


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James M Barrett to Franklin G Morgan Jr; 6408 Crosswinds Court; $320,000

Sandra A Lee FKA to Amanda Shawnyel Brown; 2064 Freeney Avenue; $158,000

213 Market Street LLC to Legacy Property Assets LLC; Lots 327 and 328 213 Market Street 0.162 Acre; $110,000

RAS Trustee Services LLC to Clearview Homes VA LLC; 1724 Whaleyville Boulevard; $173,000

Thomas J Moore to Billez Holdings LLC; 419 North Main Street; $187,900

Jennifer A Stiff to Joshua Miller; 208 Crown Arch; $332,500

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 201 Victory Place; $92,500

Hastings and Sons LLC to Brian L Harris Sr.; 127 Willow Lane; $306,000

Hastings and Sons LLC to Deja Simone Ellis; 131 Willow Lane; $321,350

Hastings and Sons LLC to James Norman Jr; 129 Willow Lane; $315,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc to Hastings and Sons LLC; $50,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty to JoAnne Elizabeth Pearl; 121 Beacon Run; $439,898

Derek A Burke II to Bryan R Weber; 106 Graystone Trace Unit 28; $314,000

Juan Ayala to Danile R Koopmans to 2647 River Watch Drive; $565,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Cecil D Trower; 214 Preservation Reach; $414,900

KFV Homes LLC to Russell K Sinclair; 105 Blessings Circle; $378,525

Mark J Butler to Brian S Lenk; 5112 Mariners Cove; $750,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Gregory H Person; 124 Meadows Landing Lane; $351,777

William S Bizzle to Amanda Lawson TR; 309 Wood Duck Court; $260,000

Yolanda M Harold TR to Matthew C Abare; 5014 West View Court; $635,000

Genco Properties of Virginia LLC to Carolina Quality Foods Inc; 1519 Holland Road; $1,400,000

Jamarcus L Calloway to Brandon S Reyman; 5618 Whaleyville Boulevard; $195,000

Charlotte C Warren Blow to Jason K Ewick; 3937 Deer Path Road; $476,500

Fred D Walker Jr to Virginia Electric and Power Co.; 201 Raleigh Avenue; $100

James A Holliman to Danelle L Hargrove; 610 Mason Avenue; $115,000

Karen M Duneman to Megan Elizabeth OBryan; 6745 Burbage Lake Circle; $378,000

Quinton A Neal to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 6807 Forest Lake Court; $234

Karina Camp to Peter K Muriithi; 162 East Wexford Drive; $188,000

Nathaniel J Skoog to Dongquan Liu; 133 Rochdale Lane; $347,000

Bryon J Collins to Matthias Ellis Butt; 4564 Schooner Boulevard; $380,000

Donnell O Chapman to Christopher J Nevil; 4440 Carter Lane; $410,000

NVR Inc to Donald Lee Wells Jr; 150 Declaration Lane; $382,662

Michael C French to Benjamin Michael French; 1829 Oyster Bay Lane; $275,000

Daniel E Nero to Erika Leigh Hunter; 6367 Everets Road; $451,000

Corey M Duncan to George Spruill; 156 Tynes Street; $35,000

Kenneth W Dedmond Jr to Clinton Yeutter TR; 1437 Wilroy Road; $199,900

Aharon D Ellis AKA to Christopher B Womack; 245 Holbrook Aarch; $340,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Gary E Bailey Jr; 1936 Piedmont Road; $419,111

Derrell M Ward to Benjamin T Cook; 1103 Driver Pointe Court; $435,000

Charles E Echols Jr to Amanda Sowah; 115 Bowman Drive; $460,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Joshua L Payne; 113 Fairfield Avenue; $220,000

Patrick J Friesz to Steven K Williams TR ETC; 1105 Manning Road; $521,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Diana Junco; 2035 Herons Pointe Lane; $478,395

Sold Ease LLC to Charles J Ballard II; 2016 White Marsh Road; $315,750

RF8B LLC to Robert Warren Gaines; 124 Bowrider Drive; $434,899

Grubstake LLC to Derek Christopher Sutton; 327 Northbrooke Avenue; $230,000

KFV Homes LLC to Aaron Christopher Plaskon; 107 Blessings Circle; $356,100

Marc A Bergin to Michael A Butler; 3129 Arthur Drive; $390,000

Gary T Williams Jr to Bryant Law; 6208 Amberly Circle; $361,000

RMPD Inc to Kinmik LLC; 109 South Division Street; $21,500

Deborah Branch to Tara Harris; 248 Locust Street; $283,000

Becky Spivey Salp to Katherine Cunningham Rawls; 806 Craig Drive; $299,900

Shantai Jackson to Eric V Ancajas; 2828 Cross Landing Drive; $375,500

RSL Homes LLC to Maurice Copeland; 101 Integra Court; $358,000

Darryl M Benton to Jonathan Ryan Brenan; 100 Bowman Drive; $380,000

Jane B Wommack to Zachary Hurley; 128 Church Street; $26,500
AP Roosendaal II to David Brain Hansin; 2535 Bridge Road; $564,000

Wesley W Harris Jr to Sintia Nicole Holliman; 264 Wexford Drive; $183,000

Quinton Coleman to Jonathan Harris; 204 Patriots Walke Drive; $560,000

58 Suburban LLC to K and A Builders LLC; Parcel Subdivision of Property of U & U Associates Sleepy Hole Borough; $500,000

Vinbilken LLC to Patricia J Miller; 409 Causey Avenue; $145,000

James Quash to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 711 Bond Lane; $11,067

Lake Meade VA LLC to Richard Thomas Deitz; 140 Preserve Way; $451,134

Robert Walters to Brain Keith Collins; 5102 Bennetts Pasture Road; $300,000

John S Lora to Mitch R Simpson; 186 Rochdale Lane; $325,000

Brandon S Chovanec to Michael James Nowitzky; 1313 Pheasant Circle; $381,000

Anthony J Hartsock to Dawn Leigh Szekely; 109 Spivey Farm Lane; $381,000

Dorsha Elizabeth Goodman to Keenan W Williams; 422 South Saratoga Street; $150,000

George M Fischer TR ETC to Mark Edward Longworth; 133 Brittany Lane; $615,000

William Scott Ruth Heir to Real Property Ventures LLC; 305 Lida Avenue $103,975