Police reports for Aug. 6-9

Published 9:33 pm Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations.

August 6

Larceny shoplifting, North Main Street


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Larceny shoplifting, North Main Street

All fraud, South Broad Street

Larceny shoplifting, North Main Street

Aggravated assault, West Washington Street

Discharge firearm in public, South Main Street/Truitt

Strong armed robbery, Portsmouth Boulevard

Possess/receive stolen property, Hosier Road

Shooting at an occupied vehicle, Lee Street

Aggravated domestic assault, North 5th Street

Shooting into an occupied dwelling, Wellons Street

Hit and run, Harbour View Boulevard

Disorderly conduct, Carr Lane

Attempted suicide, Godwin Boulevard

Obstructing justice, North Main Street

Simple assault, Godwin Boulevard

Hit and run, South 6th Street/Freeney Avenue

Larceny of a firearm, Prices Fork Boulevard

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Hit and run, Belleharbour Circle

Hit and run, Holland Road/Pioneer Road

Hit and run, Central Avenue

Hit and run, West Washington

Simple domestic assault, Sedgefield Street

Injured person, Bennetts Creek Park Road

Overdose, Dumville Lane

Injured person, Suffolk Meadows Boulevard

Aggravated domestic assault, Old College Drive

August 7

Theft from a motor vehicle, Commerce Street

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Aggravated assault, Kentucky Avenue

Petit larceny, Carolina Road

Nonreportable offenses, East Washington Street

Violate custody order, White Marsh Road

Destruction of property, Burlington Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, Proctor Street

Destruction of property, Wilson Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, Howard Place

Simple domestic assault, Pine Street

All other fraud, Bridge Road

Simple domestic assault, Redgate Drive

All other fraud, Springfield Terrace

Larceny of a firearm, Godwin Boulevard

Destruction of property, Greenway Road

Violate protective order, Driver Station Way West

Computer fraud, Kingsale Road

Failure to return rented property, North Main Street

Simple domestic assault, Frank Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, West Finney Avenue

August 8

Shoplifting larceny, University Boulevard

Motor vehicle theft, Mill Street/Spruce Street

Simple domestic assault, Harbour View Boulevard

Simple assault, Hillside Avenue

Hit and run, Dover Court

Destruction of property-church or cemetery, Saint James Avenue

Suicide, Spinnaker Cove

Simple assault, Webb Street

Concealment price alter merchandise less than $500, North Main Street

Lost or stolen, Culloden Street

Destruction of property, Kilby Avenue

Hit and run, Franklin Bypass

Hit and run, Ferry Road

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Culloden Street

Shoplifting larceny, East Washington Street

Petit larceny, Military Road

Violate protective order, Bishop Place

Simple domestic assault, Plummer Boulevard

Natural death, Cumberland Lane

Simple domestic assault, Bridge Road

Destruction of property-church or cemetery, Saint James Avenue

Nonreportable offenses, River Creek Crescent

August 9

Child abuse, Old Townpoint Road

Vandalism of private property, East Washington Street

Shooting into occupied dwelling, Saint James Avenue

Throwing missiles at occupied dwelling, East Washington Street

Shooting into occupied dwelling, Ashley Avenue

Annoying phone calls, Deer Path Road

Violate protective order, Person Street

Simple assault, Kilby Avenue

Credit card/ATM fraud, Carolina Road

Hit and run, North Main Street

Possession of firearm by convicted felon, South Quay Road

Simple domestic assault, Cedar Street

Petit larceny, Brook Avenue

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Robs Drive

Simple assault, Huntersville Place

Kidnapping, Bridge Road

Destruction of property, South 11th Street

Non-reportable offenses, Portsmouth Boulevard

Lost property, Cogic Square

Petit larceny, Collier Crescent

Recovered stolen auto, West Washington Street

Hit and run, property damage, Ace Drive

Simple assault, Causey Avenue

All other fraud, Bosley Avenue

Theft from motor vehicle, Battery Avenue

Hit and run, North Main Street

Overdose, Pruden Boulevard

Runaway juvenile, Peach Wood Court