Land Transfers for Aug. 6-12

Published 12:46 pm Friday, August 13, 2021

Aug 6 – 12


Community Kingz LLC to Derrick L Bishop; 212 Knight Street; $130,000


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Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Hyon S Leroy; 104 Thornwood Drive; $364,884

Devon M Viscome to Maura Milligan; 807 Haskins Drive; $315,000

Paul B Holland to Rebkee Partners Holland LLC; 108 Forest Glen Drive; $500,000

Michael W Dejarnette to Rebkee Partners Holland LLC; 1929 Holland Road; $500,000

Hearndon Construction Corp to Rebkee Partners Holland LLC; 1918 Holland Road; $625,500

Robert J McDowell to Corbin Gillman; 3540 Jackson Road; $305,000

Planters Station LLC to Rosario L Pascasio; 216 Tassell Crescent; $416,400

Alan R Donker TR to Corey A Donker; 2917 Ames Cove Drive; $335,000

Scott K Saunders to Gregory E Hare; 4004 River Park Drive; $1,450,000

Brandon J Polk to Gregory M Arnold Jr; 6408 Sheffield Court; $338,000

Boyd C Hogan Jr to Patricia Ann Mara; 308 West Riverview Drive; $396,000

JSCC 2 LLC to Garrett Holden Properties I LLC; 250 Suburban Drive; $800,000

Scott A Condon to Alec Perovich; 308 Waterwood Way; $330,000

Clarence H Brooks Special Commissioner to Bases Hit LLC; 807 Garfield Avenue; $32,200

Clarence H Brooks Special Commissioner to Jermaine Shumake; Lot 35 Block B Nansemond Development Corp; $9,750

Clarence H Brooks Special Commissioner to Delrico White; 507 Mahlone Avenue; $32,100

Joseph Landry to James Mustakis Jr; 6300 Entry Way South; $350,000

Linwood J Powell to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $33,866

Myrah L Pennington to Grubstake LLC; 423 Highland Avenue; $89,000

St Josephs Reserve LLC to Nathanael David Meza; 1739 Mill Wood Way; $390,000

Elsie J Williams to EMR Investments Inc; 5013 Bay Circle; $100,000

Samuel L Mkay III to Dana Lynn Polston; 529 Freeman Mill Road; $152,500

RF8B LLC to Zakiya N Walcott; 134 Longtail Drive; $431,135

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 200 Republic Lane; $92,500

NRGC Development LLC to Jonathan Whitman Krueger; 126 Peck Lane; $308,504

Phillip Petrucci to Kia S Sligh; 201 Kinnards Court; $280,000

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Lakece Holmes; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 805; $267,500

Gregory S Fowler to Kari I Scalese; 6804 E Dickens Court; $340,458

Anthony D Michaux AKA to Severin R Tenegueude; 8358 Lee Hall Avenue; $274,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Paul Allen Hites Jr; 136 Meadows Landing Lane; $376,695

Jason B Carr to Jorge Flores; 4873 Desert Road; $86,000

Tina L Kelley to Sarah Max; 307 Linden Avenue; $207,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Robin Wright; 1721 Pine Acres; $189,900

Michael F Gray to Travis C Laughton; 5016 Shoulders Hill Road; $312,000

Francene Jenkins to Cassandra N Jones; 219 Locust Street; $167,000

Patrick Michael Cain to Courtney Parham; 507 Oak Grove Court; $265,000

Adam B Capps to James Long; 4552 Magnolia Drive; $235,000

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Raymond Fiorella; 5295 Sports Club Run Unit 100; $349,500

Donald Amlaw to Matthew C Saruse; 3220 Clay Hill Road; $80,000

Kyle A Winfield to Marcus Jerrod Whitlley; 821 Cripple Creek Lane; $285,000

Justin W Finn to Kyle Andrew Winfield; 257 Holbrook Arch; $330,000

Suffolk Towers LLC to Retreat at Harbour View LP; 6808 Harbour View Boulevard; $3,535,000

Daniel Hogan O’Brien to James Lamont Bell; 7110 Arrington Street; $295,000

Heather Emmert to Caprice Ali; 4005 Harvest Reach Lane; $520,000

Bryan W Holland to Wendy L Father; 206 Markham Street; $439,000

PRP Capital LLC to Javon M Haynes; 176 Majestic Drive; $190,000

MIBI International LLC to Floyd King Jr; 107 North Division Street; $139,900

Barry S Mizelle to Amy A Brock; 6743 Ruritan Boulevard; $305,000

Michelle T Chavis to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 7541 Indian Trail; $6,975

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Kimberly R Waller; 171 Secretariat Drive; $469,210

Ainslie Group Inc to Stewart M McKinley; 6001 Gardenstone Circle; $561,886

Elsie Mangano Co Successor TR to Stephen P Evanuska TR ETC; 5612 River Bluff Drive; $287,500

Real Investment At Riverfront LLC to Cheryl Molina; 5295 Sports Club Run Unit 101; $334,000

Michael F Penkrot Jr to Myles Godby; 211 Markham Street; $440,000

Jeffrey H Ornoff to Robert Arnie Moore; 1003 Erin Drive; $410,000

Eric Wild to Christopher L Parkman; 102 Sleepy Point Way; $590,000

Bunding Logging Company Inc to Kurt J Williams; Cypress Chapel Road; $35,000

Ivette Nelson to Vincent Austin Hurst; 110 Dawsons Lake Lane; $441,000

Suffolk Land Holdings Inc to Suffolk Towers LLC; 6800 Harbour View Boulevard; $550,000

Raymond M Walsh to Michael Anderson; 2014 Queens Point Drive #83; $360,100

Cyrus J Sears to Angela Reddix; Lots 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 Block 22 Hollywood Cypress Magisterial District; $35,000

Philip A Davenport to Karl R Powell Sr; 3007 N James Drive; $755,000

Charles R Hodges to Breshey M Wright; 5328 Nansemond Parkway; $245,000

George Lee Cross Jr to Thomas J Sutliff; 209 Saint James Avenue; $160,000

Eric Jamison Jones to Joseph D Mandarich; 3435 Raintree Circle; $539,900

Gary E Alexander to JoAnn Taylor; 614 Teton Circle; $210,000

Alexandria Lypka to Walter Mitchell; 4613 Maplewood Drive; $225,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Benjamin Charley; 2047 Herons Pointe Lane; $419,115

Lonnie Earl Umphlett to Kelly S Stephenson; 1639 Ronald Drive; $260,000

John W Whitehurst Jr to Michael Edward Young; 116 Acres More or Less; $165,000

Scott C Eckes to Frederick Marques Hendrieth; 6230 Oakglen Drive; $230,000

NVR Inc to Whitley R Harris; 213 Victory Place; $522,575

Ryan K Needham to Rachel Blake; 4941 Deer Forest Road; $455,000

Lily Busaba Hughes FKA to Ronald Gambrell; 108 Toddsbury Court; $250,000

Robert L Holland to Oscar Tequida; 2617 Buckingham Road; $155,000

Lisa A Weinreich Behrens to Michael Swinney Jr; 118 Burnett’s Court; $250,000

Marland Riddick Heir to Krystle Shevon Burnell; 6235 Apple Street; $416,600

Just Right Homes LLC to Jesse Paul V Rhodes; 5517 Moreland Street; $245,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 121 Declaration Lane; $185,000

Sherman Coleman to Kendall R Angus; 1013 Erin Drive; $436,000

Nateson LLC to Charles Spratley; 5176 Townpoint Road; $95,000