Conference pours into girls’ lives

Published 6:01 pm Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Being a teenager is difficult enough; being a teenage girl living through a pandemic and still trying to navigate all of the regular issues is even worse.

I Am Enough Ministries sought to provide direction and guidance for some local teens and pre-teens as part of an excellent event on Saturday.

The event at Hillpoint Elementary School was organized by the founder, Desiree Nazareth. It is the second “I Am” conference held, the first being in 2019.


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The difficulties for teen girls abound, and virtually any parent of a teen girl can likely come up with a list in five seconds flat. But having a solid foundation of faith, parents who love them and other adults they can look to for support. Fulfilling some of those needs was a central theme of the “I Am” Conference on Saturday.

Some of the topics girls talked about on Saturday included the true definition of love, financial literacy and how the girls can reflect the character of God and become more Christ-like in everything they do.

Nazareth said she feels called to pour into the lives of local young ladies who lack self-esteem, and we’re glad she did. More than 53 girls attended this year, and we’re certain it will start their school year off on the right foot.